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List | What Anime should you watch? – Part 3

Just like the last ‘What Anime Should You Watch?’ post, I will be making the descriptions for these anime’s as brief and simplified as possible. The summaries will be easy to understand and possibly pique your interest if you haven’t watched them already!

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Why should you watch Demon Slayer? Plus, infinity train Plot and trailer!

I have to tell you this, and I’m not sure if anyone else has said this about Demon Slayer, but you will get tired of hearing Inosuke Hashibira and Zenitsu Agatsuma screaming at the top of their lungs.

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My Hero Academia: His Start | 4 x25 – Recap (Season finale)

This season finale episode of My Hero Academia saw Endeavor’s official and organic rise to number 1 hero after a modified Nomu attacked him and Hawks while they were at lunch.

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Cells at Work | After five episodes (Netflix)

I found a quirky anime that deals with topics about human anatomy and how its blood cells (white and red) work together with the rest of the bodily functions to keep the human body healthy.

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List | What anime should you watch? – Part 2

Watching anime is one of my favorite things to do. I watch a lot of it. I watch all types of categories. I watch the action, suspense, drama, romance, gambling, comedy, and adventure. I’m sure I’ve missed some categories, but that’s because there are so many options. Even if you are not a person who seeks out anime, there is still most likely something for you.

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Why should you watch Haikyu!! ? | Series Review

Haikyu!! is the most exciting sports anime that I’ve watched since 2016’s Prince of Stride. One reason is that it’s more than one season, but other reasons include its character development, choreography, and action.

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10 Best Anime OPs – Part I | List

If I tried to list the best anime themes, we’d be here for a very long time. But, it dawned on me that there are a lot of amazing themes attached to some of the more epic anime that I’ve collected. 

So let’s make a list. 

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List | What Anime Should You Watch? – Part 1

Here is the next installment of ‘Anime Worth Catching Up On’. There are so many, but I create this list based on preference and connection. So, if a certain anime isn’t listed, it’s possible that I may not have seen it yet or it hasn’t come to mind.

There’s no shortage of anime on this site, so feel free to click HERE to see the weekly recaps as well as full series reviews available here.

Nevertheless, this list does include a variety of anime with different appeals. Take a look!

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Love, Chunibyo, & other delusions | Series Review

An anime all about a guy liking a girl but doing nothing about it because she comes off like a weirdo due to her infatuation with a “make-believe” fantasy world (also known as Chunibyo).

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Travel through realms to save love in ‘Ni No Kuni’ | Movie Review

When I found out Ni No Kuni the animator of the Studio Ghibli films, I was elated! I love the wholesome feel of the Studio Ghibli films, so even though I am not familar with Ni No Kuno as a Bandi Namco game, I hit play with optimism.

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Infinite Dendrogram after one episode

This is a cute anime. Initially, I saw the summary and thought…

Sword Art Online light?

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Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi (2020) after one episode

When I looked at the summary for Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi (Formerly Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (1999), I was interested because it seemed to be based around a sly protagonist with a mind for fraud, but a heart of gold.

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Darwin’s Game: First Game | 1 x01 – recap

The first anime of the winter season that we are focusing on is Darwin’s Game. When I first saw the trailer for this anime, it gave me “King’s Game” vibes. However, the first episode of Darwin’s Game starts at lightning speed and the action is hard-hitting, non-stop, and unbelievable at times. This one is going to be good.

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Should Levius emphasize more than metal boxing? | Netflix

The best part about the 12-episode anime was the metal boxing concept. Levius is about a character who has dealt with loss. His mother is critically injured during an attack on their village by an evil corporation and he watches two children get kidnapped by a machine. He finds solace in metal boxing after he is sent to live with his grandmother and uncle.

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Opinion: Boruto is not bad, it’s just not Naruto

I recently started watching a few episodes of Boruto again. To be honest, I haven’t watched many episodes since Chocho, Choji’s daughter, used her jutsu to make her skinny. That will tell you how long it has been.

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‘Cautious Hero…’ after one episode (review)

The full title of this anime is Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious. I watched the first episode and found myself struggling to keep focused on what I was watching. 

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