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Dr. Stone: Stone War Beginning | (2 x 01) – recap

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars has begun, and while the first episode was a slow burn, it set up the promise of an epic battle of the minds between the Senku and Shishio. 

Review season one of Dr. Stone here.

The Community of Science is back with season two of Dr. Stone Star Wars. In this episode, ‘Stone Wars Beginning,’ Senku and Asagiri develop a plan to initiate the stone wars.

The mentalist, Asagiri, offers up a suggestion. He wants to mimic Lillian’s voice from the past and create a false message that tells all of Shishio’s army that America has recovered from the collapse and help is on the way to Japan. We know that’s a lie, but they hope that with the combination of the message and the song that we heard last season, the army for Shisha will believe that help is on the way and turn their back on their primitive ways and away from war.

By the end of the episode, the Community of Science has created freeze-dried food in the form of Cup-o-Noodle Ramen, and they also recorded Asagiri’s fake Lillian message to accompany the CD. 

Since last season, Homura is still stalking out their camp, so Senku and the group create hydrogen bombs to distract her while Chrome, Asagiri, and Magma run across enemy lines to get their phone to Shishio. Hopefully, they will link up with Taiju and Yuzurihataiju too.

The plan is set and in the next episode, Hotline, we will finally see the beginning of the stone wars.

This episode was the first episode, and it was full of exposition and recap but just enough overview to give you what you need to know if you did not watch season one.

The exposition moves the theme forward without being too dull. As always, Senku and Asagiri are hilarious together because, for some reason, they can’t be in the same room without being maniacal. 

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