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Why should you watch HoriMiya? | Anime Review

By the fourth episode, I clenched my chest and cried out for my heart.

This anime will make you miss the days that romance was as simple as holding hands with a lingering gaze.

Hori, the smart high school girl with nothing to lose and everything to gain, at least on the surface, is a homebody who takes care of her brother while their mother works long hours and the father is off doing whatever (we don’t know). Then you have Miyamuri, who is a quiet and awkward but off-putting boy in her class.

As fate would have it, the two cross paths when Miyamaura helps her little brother. From there, a roller coaster of emotion and love begins. Then you, the watcher, are left hugging your pillow, hoping for these two to admit your feelings to each other.

Of course, they don’t, and they don’t again. Until Hori finally admits she loves Miyamura, and one fever dream later, the pair begin a relationship a proper beginning.

It may sound selfish, but the episodes that do not focus on Hori and Miyamura are not the same, while good for developing the supporting characters. I wish we could follow the main couple all the time! The supporting characters do bring depth to the show and add to the quirky, realistic teenage problems we all remember so awkwardly.

The slice of life anime has comedy, romance friendship coming-of-age all wrapped up into one nice bundle. You’ll enjoy the story and the characters getting to know each other and feeling like you are standing right there next to them along for the ride. This is a perfect anime. No, it’s not action. It’s all emotion-based, and that’s why you should watch Horimiya.

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