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Dr. Stone: Stone Wars after 8 episodes | Final Battle

We’ve finally reached our first climax of Dr. Stone: Stone Wars. This week’s episode, Final Battle (episode 8), followed Senku and the Kingdom of Science to the miracle cave that started the resurgence of humanity in season 1.

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Why should you watch HoriMiya? | Anime Review

By the fourth episode, I clenched my chest and cried out for my heart.

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Alice in Borderland (2020) review | Netflix

In early December, this highly binge-able Netflix show Alice In Borderland premiered. It is an 8 episode Japanese drama based on the manga of the same name by Haro Aso.

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‘No Guns Life’ after one episode

Episode 1 | Renegade Extended

This anime follows Juzo Inui, an overextended war weapon left without purpose since the war ended. He has a huge hand cannon for his head as a result of his augmentation. Other beings have had extensions too. We encounter Karen. She has an eye extension that makes her a great sharpshooter, but she works for the Berühren organization that poses as an orphanage to experiment on children.

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Why should you watch 7 Seeds? (Netflix)

The most recent anime that I decided to binge on is 7 Seeds. It’s a Japanese manga adapted into a Netflix original and released on June 28, 2019. Honestly, this anime took me on a slow, stomach-dropping roller coaster with cringe-worthy moments throughout the entire first part of the series.

There are a lot of characters to keep track of, but after a while, outside of the main two characters, you’ll kind of lump groups in together and you won’t wonder about them until the story brings them to the forefront of the story.

For instance, You’ll think that Arashi and Hana are the only characters that really matter. And that is true to an extent because honestly, the other characters revolve around them in some form or another. However, there are far more interesting characters that they come in contact with.

This review goes over my feelings regarding the first 12 episodes, but I will not make any major spoils because I actually think you should give it a try. The story is explained, but no major plot lines are discussed in detail.

“When you awake, some of you may be in Heaven and some of you may be in hell. But whatever the case, I sincerely hope you strive to stay alive.”

Serminmaru Asai, Botan Saotome, Monzo, Natsu Iwashimizu, Arashi Aota

The Story:

The 7 Seeds Project was created after solid data showed a meteorite would hit the earth, systematically break it down, and cause human life to go extinct. To combat extinction, five groups of seven people were frozen until after the cataclysm and woke up after the earth was deemed habitable again.

“Like a seed surviving winter to bloom in the springtime, you’re the seeds of humanity.”

– Botan

The subjects were taken in their sleep, frozen, and woke up separated into their groups Winter, Summer A and B, Autumn, and Spring. A few participants knew what happened, they were dubbed the guides of their group before the cataclysm began. The guides were supposed to help their groups get acclimated. It worked for some but for others, things broke down.

At its core, this story is about watching different types of people make their way to rebuilding civilization while trying to cope with feelings of loss, betrayal, abandonment, guilt, and fear.

The antagonists in this show are flushed out pretty quickly after you are introduced to them. For example, there are blatant problem causers like Yanagi and members of team Autumn. But things get a bit more convoluted when we are introduced to Summer A. Summer A includes a group of people who were trained for this specific future. The entire purpose of their group was to help the other groups find their way. However, they are so messed up from the preparation that led them to the future, that they end of seeming like more of an enemy than a help.

Team Spring

Why should you watch 7 Seeds?

It has interesting stories behind the conspiracy of the 7 Seed Project. One of the conspiracies is a heartbreaking story about the only fallout shelter created and used to save some of the civilization before the cataclysm began. There were great lengths taken to keep human life going underground, but unfortunately sickness and disaster strike to ruin the plan.

Another story surrounds team Summer A and the cataclysm preparation school. Summer A students were groomed to survive in the future, but the final preparation test leaves them broken and horrified before they get frozen.

We also find out who planned both of these endeavors and it makes life very uncomfortable for certain members of the group.

You’ll find 7 Seeds intriguing as you watch all of the different types of people deal with their issues and transform as a result. Some characters you don’t expect to look out for their own self-interest, some continually offer self-sacrifice, and you can see some characters crazy coming from the time you meet them.

Plus it ends with an interesting cliff hanger, which makes me want to see part two.

Movie Review | My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

I finally watched My Hero Academia: Two Heroes! It was must see movie for me because I love the anime series and I do highly recommend you watch it. This movie pumped me up even more for the start of season 4 coming in October 2019.

My first impression of the movie is absolutely positive. It was a little too convenient how all of Midoriya classmates ended up on the island for the expo, even though he and All Might were taking a special trip. But I didn’t mind it. It shows that though Izuku Midoriya is the chosen one, his friends still play a huge part in his story.

I also felt at times this movie had pieces of a love letter to All Might. We finally spend some time with young All Might and his friends. We also see him put full trust in Deku and the other heroes in training when he is unable to save the day on his own. Midoriya, true to his character, motivates his team and makes them believe in themselves so that they save the day.

Everything beyond this paragraph is spoiler territory. But before you continue to read, I have a question. Did you see My Hero Academia: Two Heroes? If so, what did you like most?

I want to say I was entirely surprised by everything that happened in the movie. However, I can’t say that. As soon as Melissa Shield and her father David were introduced I thought, okay which one of you are working with the villains?

I was right!

Turns out David Shield, who doesn’t know that Izuku Midoriya has inherited ‘One For All’ from All Might, believed his quirk restoration research could help save All Might.

All Might never told David about his ‘One For All’ quirk and how it’s passed down from person to person. Therefore, all David is thinking about is saving his friend from dying and leaving the planet without its symbol of justice.

David says that Japans crime rate is 6% all because of All Might. So basically David is thinking of the bigger picture, but still acting selfishly because no one asked him to do that.

The entire second act of the movie is based around Midoriya and friends trying to take back the security system and free the citizens and heroes on the island where the expo is being held.

As a result of David’s plan we meet a villain named Wolfram who was hired to fake a hijacking. His goons lock down a special ceremony where All Might and a few other heroes are captured and lock down the entire island as well.

The heroes in training eventually have to fight and it is great! The action and comedy was perfect. If you’ve watched the anime series, you will especially enjoy the comedy aspects.

In the final sequence things get serious. Everyone finds out that David and his assistant staged this hijacking with the villains.

Wolfram, the villain leader, takes the research for himself, the plan backfires and David needs to be saved.

In my opinion, even though he staged the hijacking, David never was a bad guy. Not once did he come off as a mad scientist that needed to be stopped. I actually felt bad for him.

Even during the times when Wolfram tells him that he will forever be tainted by working with the villains, I still thought of him as a victim.

All Might and Midoriya save the day, destroy Wolfram who was infected by ‘All For One’ and rescue David Shield after a double Detroit Smash Plus Ultra.

Spotlight on Bakugou, Todoroki, Uraraka, Melissa Shield, and Lida who played a big part in the battle just before the climax.

I really suggest this movie to anyone. It’s friendly enough with flashbacks and information so that you won’t be completely lost just because it is attached to season 3 of My Hero Academia.

It’s available on DVD via Funimation or for digital streaming on Vudu and Amazon Prime.

Feel free to share your favorite moments of the movie in the comment section below.


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