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Sir | Movie Review (Netflix)

[Submission by A.F.]
From the country of India, Netflix brings you a thought-provoking drama called Sir.

Gone are the flashy Bollywood dance numbers and unrealistic beauty shots. You are left with a slow-burning but inspiring story starring Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber. 

A domesticated maid and construction project manager build a bond that turns into a foreboding love. No, this is not Maid In Manhattan but a film that sheds light on society’s implications should these two go public with their growing feelings. 

The audience follows Ratna’s (Tillotama Shome) perspective. A widow from a distant village turned maid and aspiring fashion designer. She accepts this but is frustrated with society’s definition of a maid. Cleaning, washing, cooking, and anticipating their clients’ moods are not respected yet needed by the people who employ them. Ashwin, played by Vivek Gomber, is no different, expecting a clean house and fresh food on the table yet deals with an uncomfortable life experience no one is discriminated against, an affair. Leaving his bride to be at the altar after his discovery, he shuts down emotionally, and this is witnessed by his maid Ratna. The cinematography did a fantastic job visually showing the many differences between Ashwin and Ratna and utilizing walls, spaces, and living conditions. This emphasized the differences between the upper and lower class. Over time their proximity to each other shrinks during the many but brief conversations they have. Through open space, they look at each other and see a mutual understanding. The movie’s only issue is that the pace abruptly changes, which is jarring but welcomed nonetheless.   

A true connection is what we as humans crave for and yet, with restrictions, deny those innocent connections based on what others might say. If it doesn’t fit the criteria, then it’s wrong. In the Indian culture, though conservatively modern depending on the generation, your reputation is everything. Social status plays a devastating role in the movie, and if you’re unfamiliar with the severity of the Indian culture values this concept, then Sir is an authentic introduction. Warning, this doesn’t have an exact Hollywood ending but if you’re on an international woke journey, then put this movie on your list. 

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