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Great Pretender after 14 episodes (Netflix Review)

The Great Pretender was an interesting anime. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised. The first couple of episodes give off a superficial vibe. You might assume that the story characters are con artists without a soul.

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Project Power (2020) is a bit unsettling (Netflix Review)

I watched Project Power featuring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The movie, set in New Orleans, follows a man, Art, looking for his daughter. He was experimented on in the military in their efforts to create super heroes. His daughter, Tracy, developed special abilities and was later abducted by the government in their efforts to steal her gifts and sell them.

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Hi Bye, Mama! is a pure emotional roller coaster (Review)

Hi Bye, Mama! was recommended to me by a friend who shares my same interest in K-dramas. This 16-episode series was full of tear-jerking moments that almost made the show unbearable to watch.

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Cells at Work | After five episodes (Netflix)

I found a quirky anime that deals with topics about human anatomy and how its blood cells (white and red) work together with the rest of the bodily functions to keep the human body healthy.

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Borderlands Film Announced, Castlevania returns to NetFlix, + New Star Wars Movie

Headlines for February 17, 2020 to February 22, 2020.

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Yes, I cried! | To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (Netflix)

Finally, finally, finally, the sequel to my most recent favorite romantic comedy is out.

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Is Designated Survivor worth binging? | review

Netflix recently released the third season of Designated Survivor. The show was previously on ABC, and I have to admit that I knew it existed, but I never watched it.

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Buried in Netflix: Hurricane Heist (2018)

I found myself watching yet another movie buried in Netflix. This time, it’s a film titled Hurricane Heist. It was directed by the same direct of the Fast and the Furious and released in 2018 to a lukewarm reception from critics. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss. We’re here to figure out how the story flushed out.

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Studio Ghibli on Netflix, Activision Blizzard with Youtube Gaming + Changes to the Arrowverse

Headlines for the week of 1/20/2020 to 1/25/2020.

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Travel through realms to save love in ‘Ni No Kuni’ | Movie Review

When I found out Ni No Kuni the animator of the Studio Ghibli films, I was elated! I love the wholesome feel of the Studio Ghibli films, so even though I am not familar with Ni No Kuno as a Bandi Namco game, I hit play with optimism.

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Should Levius emphasize more than metal boxing? | Netflix

The best part about the 12-episode anime was the metal boxing concept. Levius is about a character who has dealt with loss. His mother is critically injured during an attack on their village by an evil corporation and he watches two children get kidnapped by a machine. He finds solace in metal boxing after he is sent to live with his grandmother and uncle.

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6 Underground is a good time | Netflix (Review)

6 Underground is an impressive movie to watch. Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the cast had great chemistry especially when it came to the comedic moments in the movie. The opening sequence of the movie was full parkour mixed with the fast and the furious.

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Buried in Netflix: Time Trap (2017)

I was surfing through Netflix and just as I was about to give up because there were too many options, I found Time Trap. The film surrounds a professor looking for his parents that disappeared years ago while chasing the fountain of youth.

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The Hook Up Plan (Netflix) | Series Review

[This review was contributed by (AF).]

Paris, France gets a piece of the Netflix streaming action with its comedy-drama The Hook Up Plan. With a mixed cast of newcomers and award-winning talent, the audience won’t mind reading the subtitles for this french entertainment. 

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Is ‘Fall Inn Love’ the perfect romantic movie? (Netflix)

[This review was contributed by (AF).]

Triple entertainment threat Christina Milian taps into her acting skills as she joins more celebrities going the streaming route with Netflix’s romantic comedy Falling Inn Love. 

Gabriela Diaz (Christian Milian) is on the verge of pitching her dream Eco-friendly renovation and cementing her relationship with her boyfriend Dean (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman). Things suddenly take a turn for the worst. 

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Dolemite Is My Name (review)

[This review was contributed by (AF).]

Eddie Murphy stars in the origin story for the 1975 blaxploitation (or blacksploitation) movie called Dolemite. After several failed attempts to break into the entertainment industry, record store manager Rudy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy) tries comedy but faces more rejection from his boss and friends.

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