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Dr. Stone: Stone Wars after 8 episodes | Final Battle

We’ve finally reached our first climax of Dr. Stone: Stone Wars. This week’s episode, Final Battle (episode 8), followed Senku and the Kingdom of Science to the miracle cave that started the resurgence of humanity in season 1.

After six episodes of preparation, Senku and Tsukasa come face to face one year since their encounter in season one. The Kingdom of Science had been busy forming alliances within Tsukasa’s army, communicating with Taiju and Yuzuiha via telephone, and waiting for Chrome to escape from prison.

Once all of the plans and pieces were in place, Senku lead his team into enemy territory to reclaim the miracle cave. While they were initially successful, the group soon realized that Tsukasa and his right hand, Hyoga are intelligent and swift with their actions. The two arrived earlier than expected to meet the Kingdom of Science with reinforcements.

Saionji (switched from Tsukasa’s side to Kingdom of Science).

If you still cannot tell the difference between Senku and Tsukasa, this episode showed a clear contrast. While the Kingdom of Science overthrew the guards at the miracle cave by force, there were no casualties. However, Apon Tsukasa’s arrival, Saionji, was speared through the chest with an arrow, continuing his vicious cycle of killing anyone against him.

But instead of shrinking in fear, the Kingdom of Science stood up to Tsukasa’s presence and stood by their leader, Senku.

In the next episode, we’ll see an exciting continuation of the Stone Wars where Senku and Tsukasa continue their brute and intelligence war.

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