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Is Spider-Man: Miles Morales game of the year?(Review)

This game felt like a genuine Spider-man game. Insomniac Games did a spectacular job giving Miles his own identity in the Spider-man universe. Not only are we introduced into Miles’ world by seeing him as Peter Parker’s pupil, but we also get to know Miles as a fun-loving, caring teen who is invested in his neighborhood and the people in it.


While a large corporation runs a massive energy scheme for the main storyline, Insomniac Games adds a personal element to the controversy by incorporating a close friend in the mix.

We meet Phin, a childhood friend of Miles who he has lost touch with since moving schools. She lost her brother due to the evil corporation and has turned to the dark side as a result. Miles has to choose between supporting his friend in her revenge and saving his neighborhood. 

His relationship with Phin grows more complex as the story goes moves along. And, the Prowler adds some 

family drama to the mix as well. 

If you know… you know. 

Character Development 

Throughout the game, Miles comes into his own as the friendly neighborhood Spider-man versus Peters shadow. Miles grows from an uncoordinated kid following in his hero’s footsteps to a full-fledged superhero making decision to save his community. It helped that Peter was removed from the story early in the game because Miles became more independent as a result. Insomniac Games confirms that at the end of the game, Miles’ face was added to the mural at the end of the campaign.

 I could have done without the citizen remark at the end of the campaign referring to Miles as “our Spider-man” as if he never traveled outside of Harlem the entire game. Sure the ultimate climax happened in Harlem (I won’t spoil), but he’d been working with Peter Parker for a while at this point. 

After the Campaign

The campaign did seem a little short, but it did not lack excitement and character development. And what the game may lack in storyline length is made up for with plenty of side missions and upgrades to play for well after the campaign is complete, which adds to the experience. Let’s not forget that playing on the Playstation 5 is an excellent and refreshing experience as well. The visuals are a dream with vibrant colors and perfect textures that add to the game’s immersion. It’s definitely a game of the year candidate, and if you are a fan of Spider-man, you absolutely should play.

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