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Great Pretender: Wizard of Far East (season 2 review) | Is it better than season 1?

I’m surprised to bring you this news, but I think Great Pretender: season 2 is better than the first season.

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With all of the set up out of the way from the first season and a nifty little recap before the new episodes begin, the ‘confidence men’ take us (the viewer) on a 9 episode roller-coaster while setting up one last con, only to be duped once again by the finale.

Edamame (Makoto Edamura) comes into his own as a full-fledged ‘confidence man’ while joining Laurent in his longest con/revenge mission ever. His mission this season consumes the entire season as he goes after the Japanese and Chinese Mafia for their part in killing his love, Dorothy.

As fate would have it, Laurent has a relationship with Edamame’s dad, who went to jail during Edamame’s childhood for trafficking children. In actuality, he went to prison as a part of the long con. When Edamame encounters his father (Seiji Ozaki), who is now apart of the Chinese Mafia as a translator.

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Without spoiling any more of the episodic drama, I will confirm that while Great Pretender season one was fantastic, Season 2: The Wizard of Far East is full of drama, action, loopholes, and cons inside of cons.

If you don’t pay attention, you will get confused because every moment in this season counts, and there are only two moments in the season where things previous events are recounted for the viewer.

At any given moment, you may lose track of who the “good guys” are while you’re watching. Plus, there is a moment where Edamame pushes Laurent to the limit with his comments regarding Dorothy, which is the most emotional moment in the season. I guarantee (especially if you watched season one) you’ll absolutely enjoy the culmination of the season. Abigail and Cynthia aren’t as involved this season, they are more so pieces of a chest game and are more so supporting Laurent in these 9 episodes. However, Kim Si Won plays an important role along with Seiji Ozaki.

This season of Great Pretender is an absolute watch. As a matter of fact, watch the entire series!

Netflix to stream Great Pretender Season 2 globally starting November 25

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