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How to prepare for Destiny 2: Beyond Light (Bungie ViDoc)

In the past, I would be writing this post to give you tips and tricks on how to prepare for the grind of leveling your first character in Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion. Seeing how I’ve done that in the past and ended up either running out of content (or at least feeling like I did), I have a different suggestion for you this time around.

How do you prepare for Beyond Light? 


Sure, you can make sure you have your favorite guns ready to go with your most effective perks, mods, and light level. But, I dare you to enjoy the hype this time around like back in 2014.

Let’s go into the new era with renewed interest and less pressure on ourselves to rush through the content. 

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep to Season of Arrivals has been great, but at the end of the day, it was DLC, and I ran three characters until I needed a break. I’m not suggesting that you don’t save whatever bounties you have already, but I’m suggesting that you don’t dedicate your entire Destiny experience from now until November 10 to grinding and saving XP bounties.

So, to you diehard Bungie / Destiny fans, I dare you to enjoy the game. Beyond Light launches November 10th! Once I’ve enjoyed the campaign and get the feel of the new season, because this new vidoc looks absolutely amazing, I’ll release my thoughts and possibly some ‘how to’ posts. 

I’ll see you then! Have fun! 

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