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Outside The Wire | Movie Review

Do you want the short explanation or the long one about the latest film starring Anthony Mackie and Damson Idris?

Initial Thoughts

This movie is about a drone pilot with video game syndrome that turns into a ‘Training Day’ adventure. After their war experiences in Ukraine, the tenured officer, a terminator, must be brought down by his rookie to stop nukes from firing at the U.S.

Cool explanation, huh?

Full Review

Set in 2036, Harp, a celebrated drone pilot, disobeys direct orders during a mission that leads to two Marines’ death. As punishment, he is ordered to join the marines under Captain Leo, who is actually an advanced military machine prototype (Think T-800 mixed with Jason Bourne).

The two go on a mission outside their base to find intel about a potential nuclear threat as a war rages between the Ukraine, Krasyn, Russia, and the U. S in the middle.

Leo uses Harp’s recent history of impaired judgment and naivety to push his plan to fire those same nukes at the U.S., all to stop the advancement of robotic soldiers like himself. Throughout the film, you see Harp and Leo bump heads as Harp is pressured again and again to overlook what he knows is right becAuse of Mackie’s cunning A.I. 


By the first climax of the film, Harp comes into his own and realizes he’s been tricked, and leads the charge to shutdown Mackie and save the world from nuclear destruction.

Overall, this film gave me ‘Training Day’ vibes up until the very end. However, Harp’s character development was obvious and allowed you to root for him as he marches toward redemption, regaining the trust of his peers and superiors.

This newly released Netflix film is well done. As someone who does not usually watch movies about war or the military, I found myself praying for our servicemen and women the entire time as I experienced the movie’s rude awakenings about what happens on the ground through Harp’s eyes. 

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