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WandaVision: First Impression Review

WandaVision’s first two episodes were quirky and funny. They had the old-school sense of humor that you would expect from a Bewitched and I Love Lucy. 

I feel like Elizabeth Olsen’s character leans heavily on the quirky, sassy comedic timing of a Lucille ball, which was great for me because I love Lucy, no pun intended.

Vision is the straight man, like every typical husband in the shows back then. Still, it’s a nice call back to yester-year even in the second episode where we were given more of a Pleasantville vibe, it was still amusing in a Leave it to BeaverDick Van Dyke kind of way. Especially when Vision accidentally ingests (if you can even call it that) gum, and it makes him act drunk at the town talent show… “for the children.”

I don’t have much to say about anything in a negative light with only two episodes out. I enjoyed getting to know Wanda and Vision separate from The Avengers, which we never could do before this show. Plus, while I know this show is the beginning of phase 4 of the MCU, so far, the most exciting thing on the show is Wanda.

Sure there are moments in the show where there are odd happenstances, which I will not spoil. But they kind of break the fourth wall because the entire show you’re watching from this quirky old-school perspective, and then all of a sudden, you’re reminded this can’t be real. Then you ask yourself when the shoe is going to drop and ruin everything for Wanda and Vision. 

In the second episode, you specifically start to see color join the black and white world that Wanda and Vision have fleed to for their happily ever after. A sign that complexity is inevitable. I felt that nod to Pleasantville. Besides a few other oddities, that’s all you get from the show… for now.

From the trailer, we know that as the season progresses, so will the color and complexity in this black-and-white world. If you leave it to me to guess what’s going on, I’d say Wanda is in a coma or research facility because there are both nods to Stark Industries and Hydra in the first two episodes in the form of commercial breaks.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the full season of WandaVision has to hold, and I’m enjoying it so far.

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