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Dr. Stone: A Tale of the Ages | (1 x 16) – recap

In the previous episode, the Kingdom of Science prevailed in winning the Grand Bout. As a result, even though he tried to lose to Chrome, Senku became the village chief of Ishigami. Ruri received the cure-all drug to get rid of her pneumonia. 

Shortly after her recovery, Ruri admits that she knew his full name from the moment she met him because her mother told her a story about him. Ruri proceeds to tell the group that her mom told her stories and the 100th story out of 100 stories was titled Ishigami Senku.

A Tale of the Ages

Ruri’s story surrounds Senku’s father. As we know, Senku was interested in science from a very young age. His father, Byakuya Ishigami, failed the astronaut exam because he could not pass the swimming portion. As a result, Ishigami Senku developed a suit to help Byakuya pass. The suit proved to be a success.

We follow Byakuya’s brief time in space where he meets a hand full of people. One of those people includes Lillian, a singer from who also achieved her dream of going to space. Lillian is an ancestor of Kohaku and Ruri.

During the story, we also find out that Ishigami Senku was researching petrified swallows before the big petrification of humans happened. 

Sadly, when the big petrification happened, Byakuya and the other astronauts watched the green light engulf the earth and while some of the others wanted to wait for help, Byakuya pushed to go back to earth and save everyone. 

Looks like Byakuya and Ishigami Senku are quite alike. 

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