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10 Best Anime OPs – Part I | List

If I tried to list the best anime themes, we’d be here for a very long time. But, it dawned on me that there are a lot of amazing themes attached to some of the more epic anime that I’ve collected. 

So let’s make a list. 

I’m listing some of the anime that come to mind. We’ll focus on action anime for this part of the list and move on from there.

Also, I am sure that some options will come to your mind that are not on this list. Please do me a favor and write your choice in the comments.

One Punch Man – “The Hero!! Set Fire to the Furious Fist”

One Punch Man has its intensely powerful moments throughout the season, but it has a lot of comical moments as well. However, the first theme, “The Hero!! Set Fire to the Furious Fist” hypes you up from the first three seconds of the song. If you haven’t watched the show for yourself, I did write of season review for season two.

Fullmetal Alchemist – “Rewrite” / Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – “Again”

I don’t think you can choose the best Full Metal Alchemist theme. The show was rich in storyline and character motivation. If you haven’t watch Full Metal Alchemist, prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster combined with story progression that needed two versions of the show to explain its complexity fully. 

Between Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, it may be impossible. So let’s pick one from each. 

Bleach – “After Dark”

The Bleach op’s progress along and ramp up from casual to intense as Ichigo Kurosaki’s involvement with the soul reapers progresses. A lot of the theme songs were enjoyable to listen to, and as tempted as I was to put the first op, “Asterisk” by Orange Range, I chose to show off Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s “After Dark.” 

My reason for choosing this op is because it showcases Ichigo at the approaching the height of his power and ability as a substitute soul reaper while dealing with an inner struggle, but trying to save his family.

Dororo – ” Kaen”

In 2019, Dororo took its place as one of my favorite anime. The opening theme was a draw in, but I enjoyed the story progression so much, I wrote an entire season review on it

Listen and watch for yourself and tell me this OP doesn’t make you want to watch this anime.

Demon Slayer – “Gurenge”

I didn’t want to miss Demon Slayer’s op titled, “Gurenge” by LiSA. From the time this anime premiered, the opening theme was all anyone could sing, myself included. The anime’s plot is laid out in the imagery of the opening sequence. Demon Slayer is one of the best releases of 2019, but the opening theme song is what I found the most memorable.

Dragon Ball Super – ” Genkai Toppa x Survivor”

Dragon Ball Super was a welcomed addition to the Dragon Ball franchise. With this new generation, we’ve met new characters to push our favorite Saiyan’s Goku and Veget to greater heights, plus we get to revisit some old foes in the recent seasons and movies. 

My favorite saga for Dragon Ball Super was the Tournament of Power, and the second op of the series, Kiyoshi Hikawa – Genkai Toppa × Survivor, added a level of intensity for viewers. The song tells you that power is the ultimate goal here, and the tournament is just a means to achieve it. It sets the mood right away. 

Naruto Shippuden – “Distance”

Naruto is the ultra coming of age story. We follow a young ninja from his days of mischief all the way to becoming Hokage. His goal to save his best friend and resolve to follow his “ninja way” makes this anime one of my favorites. And, even though I have my thoughts about the spin-off, Boruto, I can rewatch Naruto start to finish anytime.

My Hero Academia – “The Day”

My Hero Academia is quickly becoming, if it hasn’t already become, one the best coming of age stories. From season one, I was hooked on Deku and class 1-A’s journey. You can find full recaps and reviews of the series listed here.

Attack on Titan – ” Shinzou wo Sasageyo!”

I don’t think I have to mention much about Attack on Titan. It’s one of the most action-packed series of the last decade with so many conspiracies you may have to rewatch it from episode one before season 4 arrives. Shinzou wo Sasageyo!, by Linked Horizon, is the op of season

Guyver – “Mo Hitori No Ore”

Guyver showed up on my recent list for Anime Worth Catching Up On, but I was referring to the 2005 remake. Bio-Booster Armor: Guyver was one of the first anime my dad introduced me to when I was young, and this particular theme stuck with after all these years! That’s saying something. 

If you haven’t given the 1986 version of Guyver a chance, maybe after you hear this theme, you’ll want to try it out. 

List to be continued…

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