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Fire Force: S01, E01 | Shinra Kusakabe Enlists (recap)

Starting up a new anime is always a little shifty. You don’t know what to expect, you’re not sure if you’ll like the concept, and you’re not sure if you’ll like the opening song.

Okay, maybe that last part is just a ME thing. But, never the less when I found out the creator of Soul Eater was making another anime I decided to throw myself into Fire Force for this weekly episodic adventure to see what it brings.

Season 1, Episode 1 – Shinra Kusakabe Enlists

We meet Shinra Kusakabe, a third generation manipulator of fire. He has enlisted into Special Fire Force Company 8 with goals to be a hero. He’s the clear focal point of the story.

“Sir, honestly I just want to be a hero” – Shinra

He joins the Fire Force during a time when random spontaneous human combustion is striking citizens with no warning. Akitaru, the leader of the unit, mentions that there are no signs of when the combustion will happen and no clear reason for the combustion either.

Shinra has a history with human spontaneous combustion. His mother was a victim of spontaneous combustion when he was a child. As a result, she and Shinra’s little brother died. Shinra earned the nickname Devil’s Foot during that time because no one believed that he didn’t cause the fire, not even his own grandmother.

“I want to become a hero. No, I have to become one!” – Shinra

From his flashbacks, we can deduce that Shinra and his mother had a good relationship. He made two promises as a child. He promised to become a hero and to protect his family. Unfortunately, he could not protect his family. So now his goal is to become a hero to fulfill one promise.

During his first mission, Shinra freezes up in the line of duty and Akitaru helps to snap him back to reality. Shinra, remembering his goals, marches into the flames to put the Inferno (also known as a human who has spontaneously combusted) to rest.

It is during this mission that he reveals he saw something else besides his brother and mother in the flames the day they died. Shinra vows to find out who or what it was.

One Punch Man S02, E12 | The Wiping of the Disciple’s Butt (review)

I appreciate that this episode, The Wiping of the Disciple’s Butt, allowed Saitama to come full circle with appreciating his strength again. For an episode of two, he was feeling unmotivated and unchallenged. Granted he has no rival, but it’s nice to see him snap out of it. King also stepped into the role of hero in this episode as well. Good to see him heed Saitama’s advice.

Spoilers ahead

Garou, One Punch Man, Hero Hunter

Master Bang and Master Boom resume beating up Garou and he starts to black out. Bang attempts to strike the knock out blow, but Garou manages to escape his grasp using an unknown technique. Boom is able to cut Garou off to prevent him from getting away. However, that doesn’t stop Garou from plotting a way to take down Boom and Bang.

Genos is standing by as the fight takes place. Phoenix Man is also around. He’s watching the fight from the sky. The Monster Association sent him to recover Garou, but he is pinned down and there is no way to intervene because Genos, Master Bang and Master Boom are currently engaged.

As the fight continues, Garou begins to have flashbacks of his life. We see the very moment that he felt betrayed. As a child, he was bullied by his classmates and betrayed by his authority figures.

“I want to strike a blow for the little guy!” – Garou

A classmate of Garou’s named Tatchan managed to bully him so badly during a game of Heroes vs. Monsters. He had classmates hold Garou down so that he could kick him in the face. After the encounter, Tatchan convinced his teachers that Garou was the aggressor. When Garou finally did stick up for himself, he was reprimanded.

Another motive for Garou to hate hero figures.

Back in the fight, Garou manages to create enough space between himself and Bang that Phoenix Man is able to swoop down and scoop him up. At first, Garou fights for his freedom, but he settles down once Phoneix Man tells him that Centichoro (centipede monster) is going to help.

Garou is upset during this rescue because he wants to win on his own and become the symbol of fear to all heroes, but that day is not today.

Just then, Genos shoots a huge power blast at Phoenix Man and Garou. Phoenix Man screams just in time for Centichoro to burst from the ground to the sky and block Genos’ blast.

Now the fight focuses on Genos, Bang, and Boom verses Centichoro.

Bang and Boom complete a combo attack, but Centichoro shrugs it off. Genos goes in alone and manages to punch though Centichoros mouth to use the acid as lighter fluid for his self destruct attack. However, this only gives Centichoro a minor case of acid reflux.

Centichoro spits Genos out shattered, broken and unable to be of any use. Phoenix Man mentions as he and Garou fly away that Genos will never win because he is only as good as the sum of his parts.

Great observation because as awesome as Genos is, he fails to even hurt Centichoro.

Centichoro seems to be chasing Bang, Boom and the others toward the city. But, in an act of heroism, King yells to attract Centichoro’s attention. King exclaims that he’s brought the hero Blast to the fight. Blast is a past foe of Centichoro.

Do you recall when King and Saitama met for the first time the season? Saitama defeated a monster for him and gave an inspiring speech about King needing to embrace his courage and become the hero people think he is. Unless he doesn’t want to be a hero.

Well, good news! That talk worked!

“Blast the hero is here” – King

King, one punch man

Actually, Saitama came to the rescue. Blasts’ name was just used as a diversion. Saitama jumps in front of King as Centichoro moves full speed towards him.


Centichoro is instantly obliterated by Saitama’s punch.

I’m assuming Master Boom and Bang saw Saitama step in because Genos was in the same area as them and he saw what happened. So, technically the Hero Association should recognize Saitama is super strong right?

This is the final episode of season 2 for One Punch Man. I’m really hoping we don’t have to wait 3 years to get the next season of One Punch Man. Some people were thrilled about this season, but it was still fun to watch.

Saitama, one punch man

Last episode: One Punch Man S02, E11 | The Varieties of Pride (review)

Catch up on the entire season 2 of One Punch Man here.

Why should you watch Kakegurui?(Netflix)

Last season, Yumeko Jabami broke the wheel on the limits of gambling at Hyakkaou Private Academy. In the process of getting her gambling freak on, she empowered Ryouta Suzui with passion eliminating his destiny of mediocrity and broke Meari out of her pretentious shell using the power of friendship. She even pumped Itsuki Sumeragi up to high that she bit all of her nails off during an all in bet with Kaede Manyuda!

But most importantly, Yumeko reinvigorated Kirari Momobami (President of Student Council). The renewed excitement that Yumeko and Kirari shared set up season two for Kakegurui.

“Let’s get our gambling freak on!” – Yumeko Jabami


A compulsive gambler, Yumeko Jambi, turned the status quo on its head at Hyakkaou Private Academy last season when she transferred in. As a result, the student council president was inspired to hold a gambling democratic election to potentially seat a new president.

The election included transferring all of the heirs to the high seats in the Bami clan so that they could try to dethrone her as the future leader of their clan. And the twist is that no matter who ends up on top, be it Kirari herself or someone outside the clan, they will be the undisputed president of Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Why should you watch Kakegurui?

Every episode is unpredictable. The gambles that the students take part in sometimes make no sense and are clearly cheating traps. Then again, most of the gambling encounters in this series are full of deception, wit, and at all times crazy.

There’s one game where the participants are poisoned. Tell me how that is even okay.

You’ll find yourself asking, why a character would even accept the terms of certain gambles. Or you may ask my favorite question of the entire series.


Good luck figuring that out. That question is answered, so good luck catching the explanation.

I’d say more than anything, Kakegurui is a battle of the wits between the strongest characters in the show with a little bit (at times a lot) of insane sprinkled on top. Plus you never really know if Yumeko has an end game or if she is strictly motivated by her gambling compulsion like the narrative would lead you to believe.

Why should you watch 7 Seeds? (Netflix)

The most recent anime that I decided to binge on is 7 Seeds. It’s a Japanese manga adapted into a Netflix original and released on June 28, 2019. Honestly, this anime took me on a slow, stomach-dropping roller coaster with cringe-worthy moments throughout the entire first part of the series.

There are a lot of characters to keep track of, but after a while, outside of the main two characters, you’ll kind of lump groups in together and you won’t wonder about them until the story brings them to the forefront of the story.

For instance, You’ll think that Arashi and Hana are the only characters that really matter. And that is true to an extent because honestly, the other characters revolve around them in some form or another. However, there are far more interesting characters that they come in contact with.

This review goes over my feelings regarding the first 12 episodes, but I will not make any major spoils because I actually think you should give it a try. The story is explained, but no major plot lines are discussed in detail.

“When you awake, some of you may be in Heaven and some of you may be in hell. But whatever the case, I sincerely hope you strive to stay alive.”

Serminmaru Asai, Botan Saotome, Monzo, Natsu Iwashimizu, Arashi Aota

The Story:

The 7 Seeds Project was created after solid data showed a meteorite would hit the earth, systematically break it down, and cause human life to go extinct. To combat extinction, five groups of seven people were frozen until after the cataclysm and woke up after the earth was deemed habitable again.

“Like a seed surviving winter to bloom in the springtime, you’re the seeds of humanity.”

– Botan

The subjects were taken in their sleep, frozen, and woke up separated into their groups Winter, Summer A and B, Autumn, and Spring. A few participants knew what happened, they were dubbed the guides of their group before the cataclysm began. The guides were supposed to help their groups get acclimated. It worked for some but for others, things broke down.

At its core, this story is about watching different types of people make their way to rebuilding civilization while trying to cope with feelings of loss, betrayal, abandonment, guilt, and fear.

The antagonists in this show are flushed out pretty quickly after you are introduced to them. For example, there are blatant problem causers like Yanagi and members of team Autumn. But things get a bit more convoluted when we are introduced to Summer A. Summer A includes a group of people who were trained for this specific future. The entire purpose of their group was to help the other groups find their way. However, they are so messed up from the preparation that led them to the future, that they end of seeming like more of an enemy than a help.

Team Spring

Why should you watch 7 Seeds?

It has interesting stories behind the conspiracy of the 7 Seed Project. One of the conspiracies is a heartbreaking story about the only fallout shelter created and used to save some of the civilization before the cataclysm began. There were great lengths taken to keep human life going underground, but unfortunately sickness and disaster strike to ruin the plan.

Another story surrounds team Summer A and the cataclysm preparation school. Summer A students were groomed to survive in the future, but the final preparation test leaves them broken and horrified before they get frozen.

We also find out who planned both of these endeavors and it makes life very uncomfortable for certain members of the group.

You’ll find 7 Seeds intriguing as you watch all of the different types of people deal with their issues and transform as a result. Some characters you don’t expect to look out for their own self-interest, some continually offer self-sacrifice, and you can see some characters crazy coming from the time you meet them.

Plus it ends with an interesting cliff hanger, which makes me want to see part two.

One Punch Man S02, E11 | The Varieties of Pride (review)

This episode of One Punch Man surrounds Garou the whole time. The last time we saw so much of him, he debuted his ultimate technique Fist of Flowing Water Crushing Rocks and was took down an entire gang. Unfortunately, Saitama is still playing video games, so he had no weight in this episode. But it was still an exciting entry!

Spoilers ahead


We pick back up with Garou surrounded by Class A Rank heroes. He’s tired and seemly overwhelmed. But, Garou still puffs up his chest long enough to call all of the Class A Rank heroes trash and tell Death Gatling that they should call some Class S Heroes because they suck and won’t be him.

Death Gatling states that all the Class A Heroes have faced death and are “tough as hell”. Gatling feels they can beat the infamous Hero Hunter because he hand-picked everyone involved.

The group has a good run at Garou, but even while he’s poisoned and flashing back to his childhood, Garou still manages to dismantle half of the group. He uses his Fist of Flowing Water to take everyone out.

Glasses tries his hardest to make a difference in this fight, but Garou ends up being too much to handle. Glasses ends up having a mini flashback to a time when Saitama saved him and some co-workers from danger.

Apparently, Saitama gave him some encouraging words that prompted him to become a hero. However, the most heroic thing he could do before passing out was hit the distress button on his pager.

Death Gatling challenges Garou as well. Garou tries to explain there is a child nearby and his Death Shower could kill him, but Gatling has a one track mind and lets off his ultimate.

The entire area is shot to pieces except for the door that Garou protected while deflecting the Death Shower.

As a result, Gatling gets punched out easily after that.

Unfortunately, the little boy Garou protected ran away after he saw the carnage that Garou left while fighting for the monsters.

There’s just no sympathy for people with sympathy for monsters.

Genos shows up just in time to spar with Garou. Genos arrived answering the distress signal from Glasses. They have a great encounter. At one point, Garou takes on some of Watchdog Man’s technique and rips off Genos’ arm.

Garou also evolves. his hair turns red and it looks like he popped a blood vessel in his eye while trying to power up.

But, Genos has undergone some upgrades since last time he fought and traps Garou against a tree. Eventually, Genos has Garou pinned down and plans to blast him away.

Garou - Hero Hunter

Master Bang shows up and kicks Garou out of the way before the blast. Genos respects the wishes of Master Bang and Boom and lets them begin to hand the situation.

Saitama is still losing at video games to King and he’s losing miserably. They finally hear the distress call about the Hero Hunter and Saitama decides to go because he has a faint worry about Genos.

I guess he’ll show up during Master Band and Booms fight with Garou next week.

Review: One Punch Man S02, E10 | Justice Siege

Review: The Promised Neverland after 7 episodes

I am really intrigued by The Promised Neverland series. It took me a while to sit down and watch it. Initially, I was disappointed in myself because I was instantly hooked and knew that I should have watched it sooner. But, I quickly got over it because I was able to binge seven episodes to catch up. So that was a plus!


The Promised Neverland revolves around a group of orphaned children who live carefree in an orphanage being loved, fed, and educated by their house mother, Isabella. Emma, Norman, and Ray are some of the oldest children at the orphanage and they are also the smartest. All of the children dream of getting adopted into loving families. And their house mother assumingly makes that happen for them.

All is well until it is time for the adoption of a six-year-old girl, Conny. Conny always carries a bunny. When that bunny is left behind, it sparks concern for Emma and Norman. They run after Isabella and Conny to return the forgotten bunny. However, they find out that Conny has been murdered and put on ice to be sold to monsters. Monsters who want human flesh and brains to eat. What’s worse is that Isabella is involved with this horror. She is raising them like cattle to be harvested and eaten by monsters.

Terrified at what they’ve found out, Emma and Norman hatch a plan to escape from the orphanage and bring the rest of the children with them to an unknown world that is full of unknown horrors.

Using the help of Ray and two other children, Don and Gilda, they plan an escape. But, they are thwarted by Isabella from the shadows as she bides her time until the next big harvest of children to offer up to ‘The One’.

Why you should watch this:

This anime is insane. In the first three episodes, I was so uneasy. As if selling children isn’t bad enough, we meet a character named Krone who clearly has some sort of personality disorder. She wants to be a “mother” on the farm orphanage and is willing to do anything to get it, including selling these children after using them as allies. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve referred to her as nuts while watching this anime.

The coolest thing about this anime is the main characters ability to strategize and plan their escape while gathering information. Norman is the most level headed protagonist I’ve encountered while watching anime. He constantly finds out negative information and is able to use it to his advantage for the betterment of the escape plan.

Emma is so naive, poor girl. She wants to save every child. I sympathize with her the most. I really do not want to see her soul get crushed if they can’t save everyone.

Ray disappointed me the most. I won’t spoil it, but I haven’t been able to trust him. Even though Norman is still able to make the most out of the situation, Ray is still the wildest card they need to deal with.


I honestly don’t know what to expect. There is still so much information that hasn’t been explained. And this is a 12 episode season and even though season 2 has been announced, I’m going to need some resolution! I suspect we will find out actual information about ‘The One’. The only thing I gathered so far is he/she/it runs the children harvest operation.

I also would like to see how Krone’s help, if she is able to help, comes in to play while Emma, Ray, and Norman attempt to escape. But for some reason, I get the feeling this isn’t a happy ending kind of anime. Then again, there is time for everything to work out.

It’s available on Crunchy Roll, Hulu, Funimatio, and Toonami (weekly) if you want catch up on this show and share your opinion with me.

Review: RobiHachi after 5 episodes

While so far it hasn’t captivated me, I did want to give it a chance because it was listed on Funimation’s “Things to Watch” reel. Usually, when something is listed at the top of the Funimation list, it’s pretty good. However, I’m finding it hard to stay engaged in this one.


We’re introduced to Robby, a man who ran away from his wealthy family and stole his fathers’ space ship. He wants to be rich without working and borrows money from loan sharks because he wants to invest in business’ that all seem to be scams.

Eventually, he consolidates his loans with one loan shark named, Yang, but because he borrows more money after the consolidation Yang sends a debt collector after him.

The debt collector turns out to be Hatchi. We meet Hatchi briefly after he recovers a bag of money that was stolen from Robby right after he borrowed it. He ends up being the person who is hired to recover that money for Yang from Robby.

While running away from Yang and his “Henchmen” (if you can even call them that) Robby, Hatchi, and Ikki escape into space. Hatchi stays with the group because he’s excited about the unpredictable nature of the journey and Robby just wants to get away from his debtors by reaching Isakandar.

Cool Aspects:

Space Odyessy adventures are always fun. Robby and Hachi seem to find themselves visiting planets around the solar system and inadvertently helping the natives of that planet discover their identity. They also have a bunch of fun and goofy encounters with each other and supporting characters.

Also whenever there is a Mega Zord involved, it’s always a good time. The Zord is introduced as the cosmic entity only to find out that it’s hollow inside and at one point they almost drown inside of it because it isn’t able to adapt.


I have seven episodes left to watch. I’m expecting to find out more about Hachi. He is the mysterious character in the group and has a hidden past that hasn’t been revealed yet. He did mention that he couldn’t or wouldn’t go back home. I’m hoping there is more about that exposed.

At the end of episode five, a group of unknown people are concerned that Robby and Hachi left the solar system. I wonder if they are involved in Hachi’s past or if they are involved in something less interesting like Robby’s debt collectors.

We’ll see.

It’s available on Amazon, Hulu, and Funimation if you want catch up on this show and share your opinion with me.

Review: Revisions (Netflix)

I finished watching Revisions on Netflix yesterday. Overall, I enjoyed the journey of the season, but there were definitely some glaring moments that made me roll my eyes and sigh in exasperation.

My exasperation mostly came from Daisuke Dojima, one of the main protagonists. I wanted to like him so bad. His character was voiced by Bryce Papenbrook in the English version. So he sounded just like some of my favorites anime characters. Characters that act as hero and protector seamlessly like Kirito Kirigaya of Sword Art Online and Eren Jaeger of Attack on Titan.

Those characters have their annoying moments as well, but they have more redeeming qualities to offset those moments. Daisuke, like the two characters I just mentioned, fulfilled his destiny but his journey was a bumpy ride.

Spoilers ahead

The Story:

Out of a group of five friends, Daisuke is kidnapped in 2010. He is saved by a woman from the future, Milo. She tells him that he will be the only one who can protect his friends when a threat comes in the future. His destiny is to protect everyone.

This remark stays with Daisuke and as the year’s progress, he looks for the threat that will save everyone from. Seven years later, his friends become alienated due to his overwhelming personality and inability to live in the present.

Eventually, the threat appears in the form of the Revisions. They time-jump Shibuya from 2017 to the year 2388 where a pandemic has killed most of the human race and left any survivors infected and deformed.

The five friends (Daisuke, Keisaku, MariMari, Lu, and Gai) form the SDS tactical force because they are the only ones capable of captaining the String Puppets, the main weapon against the Revisions.

However, Daisuke is unable to fulfill his destiny due to his cockiness and at one point loses hope in his destiny after he loses his best friend in battle. Only when he is able to let go of a preconceived destiny and allow each member of his team, SDS members and supporting cast, was he able to truly protect his friends, save the human race, and return Shibuya back to the year 2017.


Two episodes into Revisions I thought it would play out a little like Erase. Erase is a story about a man whose life is turned upside down due to sabotage, but he’s able to go back in time somehow to change the events of the past so that the future is different.

However, I quickly realized that Daisuke is not like Satouru, the main character in Erase. Daisuke acts like a complete jerk most of the time and doesn’t hesitate to call himself the leader and the savior despite not even being the best at using the String Puppet gear. His friends are constantly trying to support him, but he makes it hard.

He almost ruined this anime for me. Luckily, he levels out some in the last four episodes on the season. It’s only when he finds out that he’s not really destined to protect everyone and that ARVH, the future organization that Milo works with, made an error and he actually evolves as a character.

Usually, at some point in the show, I have an emotional moment. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any feelings until Keisaku was the main focus.

I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say the anime has a bittersweet feel-good ending until you realize there is more of the story to come.

It seemed like a second season was set up for Revisions. I could be wrong, it might just be a cliff hanger to dismiss any semblance of a happy ending based on the sacrifices made.

I did enjoy Revisions and if Makoto Fukami and Taichi Hashimoto do create another season I’d love to see Daisuke’s character continue to grow in a positive way.

Honorable mention to Oral Cigarette’s who did the opening song for the series. The songs is titled Wagamama de Gomakasanaide and I like it.

Movie Review | My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

I finally watched My Hero Academia: Two Heroes! It was must see movie for me because I love the anime series and I do highly recommend you watch it. This movie pumped me up even more for the start of season 4 coming in October 2019.

My first impression of the movie is absolutely positive. It was a little too convenient how all of Midoriya classmates ended up on the island for the expo, even though he and All Might were taking a special trip. But I didn’t mind it. It shows that though Izuku Midoriya is the chosen one, his friends still play a huge part in his story.

I also felt at times this movie had pieces of a love letter to All Might. We finally spend some time with young All Might and his friends. We also see him put full trust in Deku and the other heroes in training when he is unable to save the day on his own. Midoriya, true to his character, motivates his team and makes them believe in themselves so that they save the day.

Everything beyond this paragraph is spoiler territory. But before you continue to read, I have a question. Did you see My Hero Academia: Two Heroes? If so, what did you like most?

I want to say I was entirely surprised by everything that happened in the movie. However, I can’t say that. As soon as Melissa Shield and her father David were introduced I thought, okay which one of you are working with the villains?

I was right!

Turns out David Shield, who doesn’t know that Izuku Midoriya has inherited ‘One For All’ from All Might, believed his quirk restoration research could help save All Might.

All Might never told David about his ‘One For All’ quirk and how it’s passed down from person to person. Therefore, all David is thinking about is saving his friend from dying and leaving the planet without its symbol of justice.

David says that Japans crime rate is 6% all because of All Might. So basically David is thinking of the bigger picture, but still acting selfishly because no one asked him to do that.

The entire second act of the movie is based around Midoriya and friends trying to take back the security system and free the citizens and heroes on the island where the expo is being held.

As a result of David’s plan we meet a villain named Wolfram who was hired to fake a hijacking. His goons lock down a special ceremony where All Might and a few other heroes are captured and lock down the entire island as well.

The heroes in training eventually have to fight and it is great! The action and comedy was perfect. If you’ve watched the anime series, you will especially enjoy the comedy aspects.

In the final sequence things get serious. Everyone finds out that David and his assistant staged this hijacking with the villains.

Wolfram, the villain leader, takes the research for himself, the plan backfires and David needs to be saved.

In my opinion, even though he staged the hijacking, David never was a bad guy. Not once did he come off as a mad scientist that needed to be stopped. I actually felt bad for him.

Even during the times when Wolfram tells him that he will forever be tainted by working with the villains, I still thought of him as a victim.

All Might and Midoriya save the day, destroy Wolfram who was infected by ‘All For One’ and rescue David Shield after a double Detroit Smash Plus Ultra.

Spotlight on Bakugou, Todoroki, Uraraka, Melissa Shield, and Lida who played a big part in the battle just before the climax.

I really suggest this movie to anyone. It’s friendly enough with flashbacks and information so that you won’t be completely lost just because it is attached to season 3 of My Hero Academia.

It’s available on DVD via Funimation or for digital streaming on Vudu and Amazon Prime.

Feel free to share your favorite moments of the movie in the comment section below.


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