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My Hero Academia: His Start | 4 x25 – Recap (Season finale)

This season finale episode of My Hero Academia saw Endeavor’s official and organic rise to number 1 hero after a modified Nomu attacked him and Hawks while they were at lunch.

Oddly enough, Hawks invited Endeavor to lunch to discuss rumors of Nomu around Tokyo. Just as Endeavor agreed to help, Hawks investigate the stories, a modified Nomu that could communicate with words (unlike previous Nomu) and regenerate attacked.

Endeavor’s encounter with the advanced Nomu was genuinely inspiring.

Endeavors’ estranged family watch as the news crews filmed the entire fight, including Shoto, his mother, his sister, and brother. Class 1-A, All Might, Mr. Aizawa, and the rest of the general population looked on as well.

Hawks used support Endeavor using his feathers to rescue civilians. We find out that while Hawks appreciated All Might for the Symbol of Peace that he was, he noticed Endeavors’ continuous hard work in pursuit of being number 1.

Endeavors flames propelled him in the air to keep the fight above the innocent bystanders. As he traded blows with the Nomu, he received a nearly fatal blow to his head, slashes his left eye. Reminiscent of when All Might received his injury in a battle five years earlier.

Hawks helped force Endeavor forward and up so that Endeavor could use his PLUS ULTRA PROMINENCE BURN away from the population and city.

Finally, after using his ultimate attack, Endeavor and the Nomu fell back down to the city, hitting the ground. A terrified Shoto Todoroki looked on with the rest of his classmates.

After moments of suspense, Endeavor emerged from the smoldering smoke with his right arm raised to the city as the absolute number 1 hero.

Later that night, Midoriya laid in his bed asleep when he experienced a dream or a vision. All of the previous One for All holders lined up next to him. As he turned he saw who I assume is All for One holding the head of his younger brother. The younger brother reached out to him. Midoriya wakes up in a cold sweat with his power pulsing through him.

“You’re the one!”

I am looking forward to season 5 and seeing Endeavor own his role as number 1 hero. Plus, Deku is evolving with his One for All quirk!

This episode not only signified Endeavors start, but also Midoriya’s start as well.

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