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Toy Story 4 (in quarantine) | Review

With a bit more time to roam through the Disney Plus archives, I had a chance to watch Toy Story 4 and find out what adventures Woody and the rest of the gang had been up to since being gifted to Bonnie.

Toy Story 4 had a lot of funny moments. I think Forky and Woody’s interaction was the best this time around. Forky’s confusion was a hilarious point in the film as he transitioned from being “trash” to a toy. Even at the end of the film, he still hadn’t quite grasped how he was alive, but at least he was willing to accept it.

The road trip in preparation for kindergarten was a great way to change the scenery and created unexpected suspense regarding Woody and Forky’s odds for survival.

There were a lot of moving parts in this sequel. Every toy had the potential to get lost in this film. And the villains of the film turned out to actually have a misguided way to try and accomplish their goal. Luckily, children’s stories have an easy way to redeem terrible characters by just having them apologize.

When the film premiered initially, Keanu Reeves’ character was a huge talking point, but I was surprised to see Boe Peep and Woody reunite. It didn’t matter how old you were. If you saw the first Toy Story, you knew Boe Peep and Woody liked each other.

Seeing them reunite and seeing Boe Peep so in control of her “lost toyness” was refreshing and gave her character moments that we hadn’t seen in previous films. She’d always been sassy, but now in Toy Story 4, she is showing off her independence.

I’m glad I had the chance to watch these characters again despite it being months after the film’s initial release. The craziest thing was that I was not prepared for Buzz and Woody to say goodbye. Since Toy Story began, they were always a pair, whether they were feuding or working together.

In Toy Story 4, like Toy Story 2, Buzz and Woody spent the majority of the film working toward the same goal but without each other. Unlike Toy Story 2, the two say goodbye at the end of the film, signifying the end of the series.

It took me a while to see this movie, but it was an excellent opportunity to relive some nostalgia from my childhood.

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