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My Hero Academia: Japanese Hero Billboard Chart! | 4 x24 – recap

This week’s episode starts with some positive news as U.A. High claims Eri! Eri is going to be looked after and raised by the staff and Mirio until she can gain control over her powers and her life. But, life is about to turn upside down again.

The Wild, Wild Pussycats pay a visit to class 1-A and explain that All for One is still in solitary confinement. However, the investigation into the amount quirks that he has is still unknown because it’s too dangerous to take off his quirk dampeners.

There is a sentimental moment between Midoriya and Kota. Kota looks up to him after the events of last season during the battle against the League of Villains.

Meanwhile, Japan is holding a billboard announcement of the top-ranked heroes since All Might’s retirement. Some heroes had their ranks inflated because of their role against All for One and the League of Villains.

The number to hero is Hawks, and Endeavor is named number 1. Hawks makes a claim that Endeavor needs to show the world why the organization picked him as number 1, because in actuality Best Jeanist should have been 1st, and Endeavor should have been 4th.

Hawks asks Endeavor to work with him to investigate sightings of Nomu around Japan. During a lunch meeting between the two, a remodeled Nomu released by Dabi attacks them and begins to fight with Endeavor.

As the episode is ending, Endeavor claims that he will show why he is the strongest and the best!

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