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Why should you watch Haikyu!! ? | Series Review

Haikyu!! is the most exciting sports anime that I’ve watched since 2016’s Prince of Stride. One reason is that it’s more than one season, but other reasons include its character development, choreography, and action.

Character Development

For two days straight, I watched Haikyu!!, and by the second half of the first season, I was fully invested in the Karasuno High School volleyball team. Usually, I find one or two characters in a show that I attach to and continuously root for, however with Haikyuu, you can connect to more than one character depending on the circumstance.

The character development of each team member on the crows keeps you invested in their growth as a team. Not just the players either, it even extends to the coaching staff.

And like you can resonate with the home team, you can even form a connection with members of other organizations. I mostly experienced this through less stressful times in the series. For example, training camp sessions usually show off less villainous opposing characters from other schools. Still, because they are placed there to help the crows get better, as a viewer, you can acknowledge their good qualities.

However, as soon as its tournament time, its back to rooting for Karasuno High School. Plus, as soon as the opposing team says or does something to damage the crows, I automatically wanted them to lose regardless of the flashback backstories the show provided for them.

You watch the players of Karasuno work hard, plan surprise techniques, and never give up. So like in real life, when you like a team, you want them to succeed, and when they don’t, it’s lowkey devastating.

Choreography, Action Packed, and Inspiring!

The action in this anime is ace. There is so much intensity, especially during tournaments. The amount of energy I exert from watching this anime is along the lines of my favorite action anime. I can’t tell if the supporting character looking on from the stands mirrors my excitement, or I’m mirroring theirs, but either way, I get invested and pumped up during the tournament sagas.

The choreography is immersive. It makes me feel like I should be playing volleyball rather than watching these characters play volleyball. When I was watching Haikyuu, I felt like if I trained, I might be able to do some of what these players are doing, but not really. However, I did feel that I should put my all into my passion for by the end of season 3.

Constantly seeing the players of Karasuno overcome adversity, do the impossible, and strive to be their best is inspiring! Sure, they are fictional characters, but since when has that mattered?

If you were looking for an anime away from the usually promoted favorites that you can invest in, give Haikyuu a try.

Let me know what you think.

The series is ongoing currently in season 4.

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