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List | What Anime Should You Watch? – Part 1

Here is the next installment of ‘Anime Worth Catching Up On’. There are so many, but I create this list based on preference and connection. So, if a certain anime isn’t listed, it’s possible that I may not have seen it yet or it hasn’t come to mind.

There’s no shortage of anime on this site, so feel free to click HERE to see the weekly recaps as well as full series reviews available here.

Nevertheless, this list does include a variety of anime with different appeals. Take a look!

Sports, Spice of Life, and Action

1. Guyver

This was one of the first anime that I was exposed to. I thought that Shō Fukamachi and his friends had a unique situation regarding the bio booster armor and dealing with Cronos Corporation and other chemically altered enemies.

There was a remake of this anime in 2005 titled, Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor. There was only one season created but it used all of the best moments of the original anime in the remake. Though I have my own feelings about recreating previously awesome works, I have to say, the opening theme is amazing and the animation is very appealing.

If you’ve never watched Guyver before and want to watch an updated version, I’d give the 2005 remake a try because it holds up to today’s animation very well.

2. Free!

If you are a fan of sports anime, you might be interested in Free! It’s an anime about a swimmer named Haruka Nanase who only appreciates freestyle swimming and refuses to dedicate time to any other style. Through the power of friendship, he compromises his wishes as they form a swim team for his school.

There are a lot of emotional breakthroughs in this series and you get to watch the characters grow up during the series as well which is a plus. If that type of narrative interests you, Free! is a good option.

3. K-On!

K-On! is feel-good anime surrounding that surrounds 4 middle-school-aged girls who spend their formative years in a band while in school. Why? For fun!

The anime showcases some really fun songs as well. That coupled with Yui Hirasawa’s adorable airhead personality you’re bound to have some laughs at her and her friend’s expense. I also can’t forget to mention there are support films to keep the wholesome fun going well after you finish binging the series.

4. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is about a pure-hearted girl named Tohru Honda. After her mother passes away, she fends for herself by camping in the woods while still attending school because she does not want to trouble her grandfather.

She runs into a classmate of hers and once he finds out her situation, he and other members of his family invite her to stay with them if she can keep their secret.

This is another wholesome, coming of age story. Honda, Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure’s relationship give you some tear-jerking moments and a lot of comedic relief. I watched the 2001 version, but they recently remade the anime IN 2019. I’m not sure how or if there is much of a difference. You’ll just need to use your own judgment.

5. Prince of Stride

Another sports anime that I can definitely recommend is Prince of Stride. This time around we’re dealing with a track club. Through the anime, you’ll follow a group of students who revitalize the stride club.

Though we focus on Riku Yagami’s anxiety and pressure to live up to his brothers running reputation the most, a lot of the other characters have interesting arcs as well.

6. Death Note

What’s better than an unassuming psychopath that comes across a death sealing notebook one day at school? A lot of things, but Light Yagami’s story and transition from justice-seeking youth to a maniac with a god complex is quite interesting. Plus, if you really pay attention, you’ll notice the simple mistakes that Light makes that ruin his chances of completing his plan.

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  1. Fruit basket: I know it’s already too late. But this year Fruits Basket will enter the final arc. And the latest news is Fruits Basket (Season 2) won Best Drama Anime on Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2021.
    Amazing list. I am going to with other animes too.

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