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Darwin’s Game: Hardness | 1 x06 – recap

Shuka is in grave danger and barely able to keep her head above water in the subway, where another treasure hunt participant attacked her.

Kaname and Ryuji proceed to walk into the subway when their tag along with attacks Ryuji forcing him to retreat into a nearby convenience store for cover.

The unknown attacker struggles within herself to stop attacking Ryuji, but she ends up using the water stored in the convenience stores freezers to attack and hold Ryuji in place. Her sigil allows her to manipulate water, but she seems to have a personality disorder. Eventually, she talks herself out of killing Ryuji.

Meanwhile, Kaname arrives at an ice wall in the subway. He uses his sigil to create a weapon and bashes through the wall. He finds Shuka unconscious underwater, but he’s able to wake her up. As the two make their way back to Ryuji, Shuka reveals her parents were murdered while playing D-game, and she wants revenge. Kaname tells her that he, too, wants revenge on the creator of this game.

Sui and Souta

They regroup in a convenience store with Ryuji and his unnamed attacker. After hashing out their issues, the group asks her to join.

Her name is Sui. She is passive and does not like confrontation. The soul of her brother, Souta, merged with her after she joined d-game as a part of her sigil. He’s aggressive, but Sui can sway him. For example, she refused to kill Ryuji.

The Eighth Clan

The Eighth Clan is prepping to attack the hotel where Rein and Hiiragi are. They’ve figured out what Rein just noticed about the codes on the rings. Their reinforcements arrive, and the attack begins.

Kaname tells Rein and Hiiragi to ditch the rings and meet up with them to get the actual treasure, but Hiiragi wants to get money to help his daughter. He opts to stay behind, allowing Rein to escape.

The Eighth Clan attack the hotel and make their way through the front door with blunt force. The Florist puts on his vines armor again and attacks them as they try to go to the top floor. He eliminates all of the clan members on the bottom floor and then faces off against Wang who has a fire sigil.

Rein successfully escapes the hotel and proceeds to meet with Kaname and the others. While en route, she thinks through the numbers on the rings and the corresponding locations. Eventually, she comes to the consensus that the main treasure is located in the central train station in Shibuya, and that’s how they’ll win treasure hunt.


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