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Darwin’s Game: Eighth | 1 x07

The Florist continues to hold the attention of the Eighth Clan Generals while Kaname and the rest of the group search for the treasure.

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Darwin’s Game: Hardness | 1 x06 – recap

Shuka is in grave danger and barely able to keep her head above water in the subway, where another treasure hunt participant attacked her.

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Darwin’s Game: Fireworks | 1 x04-recap

This episode begins with a flashback to when Rein joined Darwin’s Game. We find out that her ability is called intellect. It allows her to go over the probable outcome of a situation. Rein attempts to save her friend and realizes that her foresight isn’t always accurate.

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Darwin’s Game: Ignition | 1 x03 – recap

Per the events of the last episode, civilians gather around the body pixelated imprint of the D-Game player who was pushed off of the top of the building at the start of the treasure hunt.

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