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My Hero Academia: School Festival | 4 x18 – recap

It’s a simple start to this episode of My Hero Academia as class 1-A prepare for the upcoming school festival.

We join class 1-A in watching Mina Ashido show of her breakdancing movesHobbies acid. Midoriyia notices that Mina’s movements could help him become more effective on the battlefield. He asks if Mina can show him, and he, along with Aoyama, begin to follow along awkwardly.

Mr. Aizawa enters that class now wrapped in his sleeping bag and announces that the students are responsible for planning an activity to head at U.A’s festival. Every class in the school will be involved, and now it’s class 1-A’s job to figure out how they’re going to be involved in the festival

The class is unable to come to a consensus during regular session despite Lida and Momo leading the charge, but Aizawa extends the deadline until the next morning so they can decide.

Class 1-A decides to put on a live performance accompanied by Kyoka Jiro teaching students to play instruments, Mina teaching dance moves.

“I’ll be with you for our date!” – Mirio

Mirio and Midoriya go to visit Eri in the hospital. She’s been allowed to see them because she has no more energy to lose control.

The trio exchanges small talk, and Eri apologizes for being the reason that Lemillion (Mirio) lost his powers. He tells her not to worry about it, and he’s glad that she’s doing well.

Later into the conversation, she asks Mirio and Midoriyia to show her how to smile. Midoriyia determines that Eri is still dealing with the shadow of Chisaki, so he askes Aizawa if she can come to the festival since it will be contained.

Aizawa determines that as long as the board of directors agrees, Eri can attend. Mirio tells Eri he will stay with her the entire time and the group will have fun together.

Gentle Criminal

Meanwhile, the police are investigating a string of armed robberies being committed in the area. The villain is uploading his crimes onto the web. He goes by the name Gentle Criminal, and he has a sidekick named La Brava. This most recent video shows him robbing a convenience store and evading authorities.

Gentle Criminal has a plan to gain more notoriety. As the episode comes to an end, his voice-over is accompanied by the visual of Eri, Midoriyia, and Mirio. Could he be plotting to kidnap Eri during the school festival?


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