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My Hero Academia: Relief for the License Trainees | 4 x17 – recap

Continuing with the provisional hero license exam exercise…

Relief for the License Trainees

Todoroki, Bakugo, Inasa, and Cami stare off with a group of grade school children with quirks. The school children believe that they have better quirks than the current and upcoming generation of heroes, and therefore, they want to prove their grit against the visiting aspiring heroes.

Killer Whale gave the aspiring heroes the task of inspiring the children to pass their exercise, “conquer their hearts,” and make them think, “Wow.” However, this proves to be difficult because the children are ready to fight.

The grade-schoolers begin to barrage the aspiring heroes with quirk attacks proving that they are skilled and strong. Seiji Shishikura explains that children are getting stronger younger due to the deepening and mixing of quirks. This evolution could get out of hand if unchecked, but that is partly the reason this activity is taking place.

The aspiring heroes come up with a plan to show the grade-schoolers a lighter side of using their quirk other than fighting and destruction. Todoroki creates an ice roller coaster with rings of fire. Cami changes the atmosphere using her quirk to give the surroundings a mystical feel, and Inasa uses his wind to sweep the children on to Todoroki’s quirk ride. 

The teachers/professional heroes look at the events with pride seeing the aspiring heroes change the attitudes of the young children. Bakugo even finds the “leader” of the group and advises him to stop looking down on others, or he’ll never see his own weaknesses.

The entire group then joins together to create more amazing works with their quirks and have a growing experience.

After the session finishes. It is revealed that the League of Villains is trying to recruit children at other schools. So, Shikentsu High and U.A High decide to coordinate and share information. 

Endeavor also approaches Todoroki to tell him that he is proud of him. Todoroki is dismissive, but Endeavor vows to become a hero that Todoroki can be proud of. Inasa, who previously hated Endeavor, announces that he will cheer Endeavor on in his goals.

In remembrance of Nighteye

The heroes hold Sir Nighteye’s funeral, and Centipede assumes the Nighteye agency as director. Eri, though stable, still can not control her quirk, so she is unable to have visitors. However, her horn shrank as her fever went down, which is positive. Lastly, U. A High decided to play the next actions of the work-study by ear, and continue with classes.

Back with U.A High

Class continues as usual, and Midoriya begins to get creeped out by Aoyama. Several events happen. Aoyama uninvitedly sticks cheese into Midoriya’s mouth, and past curfew leaves cheese laid out on Midoriyia’s balcony that spells out, “I know.” Midoriyia wishes to find out why he’s so creepy. 

During a training session, Midoriyia works on increasing his ability to use One For All. He and Aoyama end up having a conversation. Aoyama states that his quirk is not compatible with his body, and he has to make a lot of concessions to work on it. He could tell Midoriyia was becoming impatient with his progression and wanted to help encourage him by offering him cheese. 

They become friends.

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