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DarWin's Game: Sunset Ravens | 1 x11 – Recap (Season Finale)

Off the back of his friend Shinozuka’s death, it’s seems like Kaname has flipped a mental switch.

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Darwin’s Game: Old Wang | 1 x10 – recap

Rein meets with Kotori, a contact that found the Eighth Clans hideout for her. Rein notes that she needs to know how many members are at their shelter, and Kotori agrees to give the information she wants. Kotori doesn’t want her usual payment, and she wants to join the Sunset Raven’s.

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Darwin’s Game: Heads up | 1 x09 – recap

Kaname vs. Danjou’s matchup begins with a no hold barred battle. Inukai is appointed the referee, but he does not make a difference in the match.

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Darwin’s Game: Fragile | 1 x08 – recap

Can Kaname get his group out of trouble?

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Darwin’s Game: Eighth | 1 x07

The Florist continues to hold the attention of the Eighth Clan Generals while Kaname and the rest of the group search for the treasure.

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Darwin’s Game: Hardness | 1 x06 – recap

Shuka is in grave danger and barely able to keep her head above water in the subway, where another treasure hunt participant attacked her.

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Darwin’s Game: Aquarium | 1 x05 – recap

As the D-Game treasure hunt continues, Shuka uses her Sigil in combination with the game radar to eliminate camped snipers trying to prevent her from reaching Kaname at the hotel.

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Darwin’s Game: Fireworks | 1 x04-recap

This episode begins with a flashback to when Rein joined Darwin’s Game. We find out that her ability is called intellect. It allows her to go over the probable outcome of a situation. Rein attempts to save her friend and realizes that her foresight isn’t always accurate.

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Darwin’s Game: Ignition | 1 x03 – recap

Per the events of the last episode, civilians gather around the body pixelated imprint of the D-Game player who was pushed off of the top of the building at the start of the treasure hunt.

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Darwin’s Game: Gemstone Mine | 1 x02 – recap

Kaname and Shuka’s friendship begins to blossom as she helps him understand D-Game and the rule surrounding it.

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Darwin’s Game: First Game | 1 x01 – recap

The first anime of the winter season that we are focusing on is Darwin’s Game. When I first saw the trailer for this anime, it gave me “King’s Game” vibes. However, the first episode of Darwin’s Game starts at lightning speed and the action is hard-hitting, non-stop, and unbelievable at times. This one is going to be good.

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