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Darwin’s Game: Aquarium | 1 x05 – recap

As the D-Game treasure hunt continues, Shuka uses her Sigil in combination with the game radar to eliminate camped snipers trying to prevent her from reaching Kaname at the hotel.

When we see Kaname again, he is waking up from a dream. In his dream, he is having a conversation with his friends, Hamada and Hiroyuki, regarding Darwin’s Game and why they used it. The answer he received is based on the two trying to earn money for the group’s summer trip. He tries to leave with them, but they tell him that he can beat the game and not perish as they did.

Kaname wakes up still in the hotel with a text message from Shuka saying she is on her way. He meets with Rein, who reports that they haven’t been attacked yet.

“I’ll join your slapdash clan!” – Unknown Player

Rein, the Florist (aka Hiiragi), and Kaname speak with one of the players that were used as a zombie in the previous episode (the one that spared Kaname). He would agree to work with them, but he’s holding a grudge against the Florist for his actions.

The group of three continue to discuss incoming threats. They specifically mention Wang of the Eighth Clan, and that causes the reluctant player to reconsider. He agrees to join the team for now. He reveals his username in D-Game as Ryuji.

Wang is planning an assault on the hotel at nightfall with the help of his clan members who are en route to the Shibuya where the hunt is taking place.

Back at the hotel, Kaname and his group discuss their plan. Hiiragi used his vine sigil to shield the hotel, and the rest of the group will intercept Wang’s clan as they come.

They also discuss how to split their 15 rings. Half to Hiiragi and then an even split for the remaining three members. Recall, Hiiragi is playing the game to save money to give his daughter when he’s gone, so that’s very generous. Plus, Kaname feels Hiiragi is doing most of the heavy lifting.

Terms and Conditions

Rein notices inconsistencies with the rules of the treasure hunt. She sees strange wording in the rules and unlikely values for the gems. This realization leads them to believe that gems may not be the answer to clear the game.

However, Shuku calls for help, so the group tables the discussion until later.


Someone with a water sigil attacks Shuka, and she fails to overcome them. Kaname runs to her aid, leaving his rings with the group. Rein urges him against this heroic act, but Kaname will not abandon her or any teammate. Rein opts to help Kaname from the hotel roof, and Ryuji travels with Kaname as back up.

During their mission, Ryuji and Kaname exchange information about their sigils. For instance, Kaname knows if he can replicate something just by touching it. Ryuji is a lie detector.

While Rein is providing back up, she continues to investigate the rules of the treasure hunt and the rings. She realizes the rings have a QR code on them. She reveals her findings to Hiiragi, and they agree to investigate further.

The Subway

While Kaname and Ryuji approach Shuka’s position, they meet a passive player. She tells them the subway is dangerous and follows them in an attempt to tell them what is happening.

Shuka is holding her head above water in the subway, waiting for Kaname to save her.

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