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Fire Force: Wearing his Pride | 1 x 20 – recap

We pick up this episode with Hinawa being cornered by the White-Clad Knight, Arrow. And Shinra engaging with two members of the White-Clad who are holding Viktor Licht hostage. We don’t spend much time with Shinra after his initial attack.

Fire Force: Into the Nether | 1 x19 – recap

Most of the episode is focused on Arrow and Hinawa who are at a standoff. Hinawa attempts to bunker down but backs himself into a corner as he tries to survive an arrow barrage.

Arrow expresses her desire to acquire Shinra because of his adolla burst. Hinawa begins to shoot a weapon that has a cannon type burst, but he quickly burns out and reaches his pyrokinetic limit.

Hinawa staggers to his feet after motivating himself. Arrow aims for him once again. This time Hinawa catches her flame arrow into his gun and shoots it back using her flame as ammunition ending in “velocity unbridled”.

Mirage and Yona (the clay face maker) walk up on Hinawa after he takes out Arrow. The intent to kill him even though they admit it is cowardly. Hinawa shoots the ceiling and Arthur comes falling through to join the fight.

Arthur takes on Mirage for the second time this season. He has a flashback of his training with Konro and Benimaru of how to deal with the stress of battle. While Mirage tries to sneak up on Hinawa, Arthur uses his “breath of life” technique that he learned from Benimaru and slices him through a pillar. Afterward, Arthur and Hinawa go to look for the others

Away from the action, Tamaki and Iris find Maki after they beat Assault.

Obi and Vulcan are still together when they run into Lisa and Giovanni. Vulcan still likes Lisa despite their recent issues. As Lisa starts to remember Vulcan’s affections, Giovanni tells her that she’s worthless and that sends her into attack mode.

We find out that her real name is Feeler and that Shinra’s flame is known as the “flame of perdition” to the White-Clad. Giovanni tells Obi that the Evangelist knows all of the answers to his questions.

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