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Dr. Stone: Wave of Science | 1 x23 -recap

As the Kingdom of Science enjoys the telescope, they inquire about how they are going to make cell phones from the rocks that Senku, Magma, and Chrome brought back. Senku explains how he plans to create it. 

Dr. Stone: The Treasure | 1 x22 – recap

The first step is to create Filaments essential for vacuum tubes. Magma is on board with Senku since their bonding trip together in the last episode and takes the initiative to the rock into dust because they need it. 

Kokuyo asks what’s with is change, Senku won’t tell. 

magma is onboard

Senku delegates the workload. He takes one part that involves making toothpaste while being accompanied by Asagiri Gen. Chrome is excited because Senku trusts him to figure out his assignment on his own. Kaseki says he’s a little jealous because he doesn’t have “maker buddies”, but Chrome says that he and Senku are his buddies despite their age differences. 

It was a heartfelt moment. 

Chrome is progressing with his side of the plan thanks to Kinro, Ginro, Kohaku, Magma, and Kaeski. When Senku rejoins chrome, though the contraption is “ugly”, it gets the job done and the group is successful in making that Tungsten Filament. 

Senku tasks Kaeski with created the Hickman Pump, Asagiri has to make the zinc-carbon batteries, and Suika and the other children will form the wire. 

The Kingdom of Science is fired up, but they are struggling to keep warm during the winter season. When Chrome reunites with Senku to make plastic, Senku determines they need coal.

Kinro and Ginro are asked to get coal for the village with Kohaku, Chrome, and Magma. The coal helps with plastic formation and helps the villages to have a better quality of life.

Kokuyo looks around at how Ishigami Village is thriving and expresses his happiness with Senku being the chief.

The Kingdom of Science completes its goal of making the cell phone just as the Kingdom of Might looks over the mountains preparing for the battle of the spring. 

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