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Fire Force season 2 | Trailer

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Fire Force: Smiles and The Burning Past | 1 x 23,24 – recap

The fight between Sho and Shinra continues as Shinra uses his adolla link to show Sho his past. Shinra shows Sho memories from 12 years ago when they had a life with their mother. He also showed him what happened when the world thought he killed them.

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Fire Force: Those Connected | 1 x21 – recap

In this episode, we continue with the standoff between Lisa and Giovanni versus Obi and Vulcan. Lisa discloses that her powers were created using the engineered bug allowing the same flames that scarred her to heal her. Despite being captured, Obi and Vulcan try to convince Lisa that she is only a tool for Giovanni.

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Fire Force: Wearing his Pride | 1 x 20 – recap

We pick up this episode with Hinawa being cornered by the White-Clad Knight, Arrow. And Shinra engaging with two members of the White-Clad who are holding Viktor Licht hostage. We don’t spend much time with Shinra after his initial attack.

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Fire Force: Into the Nether | 1 x19 – recap

The 8th company has been searching for the White-Clad and finds out that they are running their operation out of the Nether, a now-defunct railway under the city.

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Fire Force: Black and White and Gray | 1 x17 – recap

This episode continues with Giovanni slamming his cane on Vulcan’s invention. He eventually breaks the creation into little pieces revealing the key of Amaterasu.

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Fire Force: The Blacksmith’s Dream | 1 x 15 – recap

In the last episode, the 8th and the 7th company became allies in the mission to find the corruption in the Fire Force. Yona and Arrow escape back to their lair where Shinra’s brother, Sho is waiting for them. They tell Sho about what happened in Asakusa and he decides that he needs to go with them to acquire Shinra because of his Adolla link.

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Fire Force: From Whom the Flames Burn | 1 x 14 (recap)

In the previous episode of Fire Force, chaos over took the town of Asakusa because infernals keep popping up and street fights are breaking out due to the imposter towns people. To start episode 14, Konro finds Benimaru and tells him that he needs to rally the people.

Benimaru thinks that Konro should rally the people because he is only able to burn things down. Konro gives him a speech about the people of Asakusa and how they need Benimaru to be their leader during this time.

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Fire Force: Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa (1 x 12) – recap

Fire Force returned from a three-week sabbatical and picked up with Company 8 in the Fire Force Company 7 territory in Asakusa. All of Company 8 begin helping Benimaru and the rest of his town clean up after the recent damaged caused by the infernal transformation and cleansing in episode 11. 

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Fire Force: The Promise (s01, E10) – Recap

Hibana has been spending a lot of time with Special Force 8 due to her infatuation with Shinra. Hinawa and Obi notice that the station has become a lot more lively and it is a welcomed change.

The captains of all of the Special Forces have been summoned to the Tokyo Emperor as a result of the Rekka incident in the last episode to discuss what is happening and how the government will resolve the secret organization lead by the Evangelist.

The Promise

Obi, Tamaki, Shinra, Hibana

During the meeting, the 7th captain says that they will carry on with business as usual. The Emperor says that he wants the groups to all work together to take down the Evangelist.

Hibana is approached by Dr. Giovanni, the captain of the 3rd, regarding her alliances. She brushes him off and continues into the meeting beside Obi.

The Emperor tells Shinra that his Adola Burst is similar to the power plant that dwells in Tokyo to power the city. Some of the captains from other companies, including the 3rd, want to lock Shinra up so he won’t be captured. Hibana tips Obi off about this. Obi vows to keep Shrina safe from attacks.

Arthur is back at the 8th headquarters. We didn’t receive a reason why he went missing. Perhaps he is undercover for the Evangelist.

Shinra takes a breather after the meeting. He is approached by the stranger, Joker, from the Fire Force Festival earlier in the season. Joker tells him that he needs to pursue the Evangelist to find his brother. His brother is a knight for the Evangelist.

Joker, fire force

Shinra vows to save his brother from the Evangelist. Fire Force 8 embarks on a mission to review paperwork for leads about the Evangelist in hopes to figure out where and who they are.

Hinawa tells Shinra that whatever is on his mind he should tell Obi if he can’t tell him. Shinra assures Hinawa that he trusts him and has enjoyed his time with Special Force 8. Obi and Hinawa determine that Shinra will do well.

Special Force 8, Fire Force

Shinra tells everyone in company 8 about Joker and his brother. He states the company feels like a family. Because of this realization, Hinawa determines that the plan to take down the Evangelist will be centered around saving Shinra’s brother.

We get a glimpse of Shinra’s brother, Sho, in the Evangelists’ shrine room during a ritual before the episode ends.

Sho, shinra's brother - Fire Force

Fire Force: The Spreading Malice (s01, e09)

We pick back up from the previous episode of Fire Force, with Shinra jumping down from the rough on to Rekka’s face effectively stopping him from beating up Tamaki.

During their fight, Rekka’s inferno creating bug starts to try and jolt toward Shinra from inside its container. Rekka believes this is because the bug is compatible with Shinra and plans to capture him to use him for whatever the Evangelists’ grand plan is.

They engage in a fight and Shinra holds his own, but it quickly becomes apparent that Rekka is more experienced and therefore able to use his flames more effectively.

The Spreading Malice

Tamaki is caught up in the crossfire and pleads for Shinra to defeat Rekka. Rekka feels that he can beat Rekka in terms of mobility and takes to the air to fight. Rekka decides to use his arms. Shinra defeats Rekka with a huge burst fire kick from the ceiling, leaving him laying on the ground.

His goal is to create strong pyrokinetic from the children he takes and produce countless infernos to return the world to flames because its the will of the Evangelist. The main objective of his group is to turn the world into a second sun, a star.

During Rekka’s crazy rant, he says that he planned to kidnap the children so they can receive the Evangelists’ teachings. Shinra realizes his brother could have been taken from the scene of his house fire when they were young.

Karim and Foein show up and Karim freezes Rekka mid-attack. They are trying to figure out their next steps when someone shoots Rekka from afar and reports that he has been eliminated. The sniper begins to fire again and ends up shooting off Foein’s arm.

The group goes on defense and the sniper’s retreat.

Who is the Evangelist?

Shinra deduces that there is a group that’s turning civilians into infernos and setting fires to hide their crimes. Among them are kidnapped children and one of those children could be his brother. Now, Shinra plans to go after the Evangelist.

Tamaki is prepared to accept her punishment for her role in Rekka’s plot. Special Unit 1 joins Special Unit 8’s investigation to find the Evangelist.

As a result of Tamaki’s role, she was suspended and Obi accepted her into the 8th for the time being. Arthur went missing during the apprehension of Rekka and hasn’t returned to the 8th’s base. He is shown walking in a windy desert at the end of the episode.

Is he going off on his own or could he be working for the Evangelist?

Fire Force: S01, E08 | Infernal Insects (recap)

Fire Force: S01, E08 | Infernal Insects (recap)

The episode starts with a mysterious figure vowing to the Evangelist (whoever that is) that he’ll find the Pilot Light. And then we get the epic opening theme. 

Hibana, Obi, and Hinawa discuss the research that they have on the infernos. Last episode, The Investigation of the 1st Commences, Hibana told Obi that she believes someone is creating the infernos. Her research concluded that, in all of her subjects, an insect was being introduced into the host’s body causing them to combust.

We catch up with Shinra who is still undercover with Arthur and a hand full of other Fire Soldiers investigating Special Unit 1. Hinawa shows up outside his bedroom window to get Shinra’s updated report because he has not been checking in with Obi (Special Unit 8’s captain). But he is also there with Hibana to figure out if the person creating infernos is in Special Unit 1.

After eating breakfast, an inferno alarm goes off for Special Unit 1. Everyone, including Arthur and Shinra, go to the scene. However, they are told by Karim to sit tight so they don’t confuse the squad. It is a 5 person combustion and they don’t know formations so they stand guard outside the scene. 

Rekka and Karim, Fire Force

They catch a glimpse of a man stumbling out of an ally and go to help him when they see an arm garbed in Special Unit 1 lieutenant clothes stretch out and stick a big in his back. This causes him to combust immediately. 

Shinra and Arthur chase after the culprit but run into Rekka and Karim. They back down so that they don’t blow their cover. 

Later, Arthur and Shinra follow a lead to Karim’s room where they find one of the empty insect bottles. Karim catches them and explains that he wanted to see if they were investigating the infernos as well. They may be on the same team. Karim, Shinra, and Arthur go to confront Rekka. 

Cut to Tamaki.

Tamaki, Fire Force

She is luring little kids to Rekka so that he can teach them how to fight becoming an inferno through prayer. However, unbeknownst to her, Rekka is just turning them into infernos. 

He was the mysterious person vowing to find the Pilot Light for the Evangelist. He planned to use Tamaki and frame the activities on her.

Tamaki tries to stop him but ends up getting stomped. Rekka turns a woman into an inferno and kills her immediately and then turns another little boy named Taku into one, but he doesn’t combust. 

Shinra, Fire Force

Rekka exclaims that he’s found the Pilot Light, but will continue to experiment on the remaining children. Tamaki is helpless and calls out. Luckily, Shinra was surveying the area from the sky and was able to arrive on the scene, stomping his foot in Rekka’s face, and stall his treacherous deeds by the end of the episode. 

Fire Force: S01, E07 | The Investigation of the 1st Commences (recap)

Fire Force: S01, E07 | The Investigation of the 1st Commences (recap)

Burns informs his group (Special Unit One) that the Special Forces fifth and eighth are doing joint exercises. Captain Burns says that Obi is making his move. I assume he talking about Obi’s plan to figure out what causes human combustion while taking down the corrupt special forces.

The Fifth and Eighth districts are hanging out together. Hibana seems very smittened by Shinra. The groups are enjoying their times together and Hibana offers her support to the eighth district because Shinra saved her when he “clobbered” her. So now she will share the information she knows to help the eighth in their mission.

“There is someone deliberately creating infernos.” – Hibana

In Hibana’s research she saw outliers the suggests someone is creating infernos. Every case of human combustion is not so, but some of her findings show this. They are mostly appearing around the Shinjuku district (the first district).

Obi and Hibana seal their alliance with a high five.

Obi assigns Arthur and Shinra an undercover assignment in the first district. Hibana will send someone from the fifth and reach out to other districts to join as well so that they don’t look suspicious.

They visit the first district cathedral with three members from the eighth, one member from the second, and one member from the fifth. The arrival is under the assumption of training.

Shinra challenges Cpt. Burns to a match and if he wins he gets to ask him a question. Burns agrees and offers his lieutenants (Karim, Rekka, and Foien) up for sparring partners as well.

Rekka Hoshimiya is the first lieutenant that goes against the second district member, Takeru Noto. During their fight, we see Noto summon multiple firebombs, form them into missiles, and launch them at Rekka. However, they are snuffed out by Lieutenant Karim using Thermo Acoustic Cooling in the form of a tuba.

Shinra thinks the lieutenants could be doing the artificial creation of infernos. But switches focus to square off against Burns with Arthur. Burns extinguishes Excalibur with a pinch of his finger. This leaves Arthur dumbfound and prompts Shinra to spring into action.

Welcome to training!

Shinra gives his best attacks but all he manages to do is scorch Burns’ clothing. Burns asks Shinra why he joined the Fire Force. Shinra explains that he wants to prevent fires from happening like the one that killed his mother and brother.

Burns states, “You have a long way to go” as he does a force attack without even moving and sends Shinra flying across the battleground.

Capt. Burns

As menacing as everything seemed when the undercover team arrived, by the end of the sparring session, the district one group encouraged Shinra and the rest of his team to keep working hard and make the best of the training available during their time in the first district. Plus, looking on, the first district lieutenants almost look friendly.

Fire Force: S01, E06 | The Spark of Promise (recap)

Fire Force: S01, E05 | The Battle Begins

In episode 5 of Fire Force, we find out that Princess Hibana knows the secret to spontaneous human combustion. Of course, she won’t share. She and the rest of her Special Force 5 members have a perverted way of doing research. We find that out during her examination of the abnormal inferno, Miyamoto.

The Battle Begins

Princess Hibana, Fire Force

If you recall, the last episode of Fire Force (The Hero and the Princess), Obi agrees to let Hibana research the reason for Miyamoto’s consciousness in his inferno state in exchange for her sharing her findings. However, Hibana is not sharing and that forces Obi and the rest of his unit to storm Special Unit 5 to get the information.

Shinra also wants to fight them because they jumped him in the last episode. Iris (the nun in special unit 8) goes to visit Hibana first.

Spoiler alert, that is her sister. However, she has turned away from the convent and is now taking part in perversion.

Iris, Fire Force

Based on the end credit scene, something happened at their convent and it must have caused Hibana to lose faith while her sister, Iris kept hers.

During Iris’ visit to see Hibana she fails to sway her back to the light and a battle commences between special unit 5 and special unit 8. Hibana thinks she’s lured special unit 8 to her, but they were already coming.

3 angels of the 5th, Fire Force

By the end of the episode, Arthur ends up beating Miyamoto who has become a pet for special unity 5. Maki and Hinawa take out the 3 angels of the 5th. Shinra heads to confront Hibana and Obi is en route.

Fire Force: S01, E04 | The Hero and the Princess (recap)

Fire Force: S01, E04 | The Hero and the Princess (recap)

In this episode, Shinra comes across finds out that the man he fought at the rookie tournament is named Joker. The ashes that caused the explosions in the air are the ashes of dead infernos.

The Hero and the Princess

After finding out this news, Maki sends Arthur and Shinra on a mission to rescue a dog. They end up running into the Fire Force mascots that we met at the rookie tournament. The man mascot named Mamoru was recently surrounded by citizens shouting “hip hip hooray” for some reason. He didn’t like it.

While Shinra and Arthur are still around, he tells them about Miyamoto. Miyamoto is a former fight fighter that killed four people for fun. Today is the day his verdict is decided by a judge.

While in court, the verdict is announced as not guilty due to psychological reasons. Miyamoto stood in the center of the courtroom with a smile on his face because he knew he would get off.

Moments after the verdict was announced, Miyamoto sparked and transformed into an inferno. However, he is still self-aware. During his transformation, he lit everyone in the room except his lawyer and the judge on fire.

He later killed the judge for passing judgment, but during his preparation to kill his lawyer he was thwarted by Shinra and Arthur her flew over to the scene as soon as they got word from their chief. The rest of Company 8 arrived, but Miyamoto managed to escape causing Shinra to chase him.

Shinra catches up to him and almost lays him to rest, but he ends up being distracted by Miyamoto’s tactics. This left enough time for the captain of Special Fire Force 5 to arrive at the scene with her troops and detain the inferno.

Shinra attempted to fight the entire company 5 but the numbers overwhelmed him. Fortunately, Obi and the rest of company 8 arrive. Obi and the captain of company 5, Princess Hibana agree that company 5 will take the subject and study him FOR SCIENCE and share the information they acquire.

Self-aware infernos are not common and they have the resources to study the subject. Obi is still weary but goes along with these terms.

Fire Force: S01, E03 | The Rookie Fire Soldier Games (recap)

Fire Force: S01, E03 | The Rookie Fire Soldier Games (recap)

During this episode, we finally get to experience the Rookie Games that Obi mentioned in episode two. We find out the Special Fire Force 8 is being closely watched by two people.

Remember the man who caused the disturbance at the last inferno incident? He’s one of them.

The other person is a special force member. We later see him among the other groups during the rookie tournament.

As a result of their research, we find out the Special Fire Force 8 group was created based on Obi’s moral compass. In the past, Obi refused to follow orders at the expense of losing a life and was put into a chief position as a result.

Season 1, Episode 3 | The Rookie Fire Soldier Games

During the rookie tournament, squad one is there and Shinra notices that their chief (Leonard Burns) was on the scene the day his mother turned into an inferno. Shinra approaches him to inquire about that day (12 years ago) he tells him that he doesn’t remember.

“I need your attention, Devil footprints”. – Mysterious Man

Fire Force

When Shinra, Arthur, and Tamaki (a rookie from squad one) start the tournament relay, they race to a mock burning building. The goal is the take care of the mock inferno and return to the starting line.

Shinra’s main focus is to finish the drill quickly so that he can get back to Burns and question him some more. Shinra enters the building first by flying over the others and bypassing the bottom floor.

He finds two force members knocked out by a mysterious man. The same man that caused the disturbance at the last inferno sighting in episode two.

This man claims to have information that Shinra is interested in regarding his life, mother and brother. But to get all of the information he has to choose between being a devil or a hero. Shinra sticks to his goal to be a hero which prompts a fight to start between the two.

During the fight, the man tells Shinra bits and pieces of information regarding the happening 12 years ago. The most important fact that he shares is that Shinra’s little brother is alive. This information catches Shinra off guard, but he holds on to his morals and continues to fight. The mysterious man controls ashes to cause explosions in the air.

Shinra, fire force

Arthur and Tamaki finally make it up to the fight. At first, they think it is a part of the drill, but after almost getting blown up by the scattered ashes in the air, they have to cling on to Shinra. Shinra props the two unconscious officers on his shoulders and prepares to fly out of the building through the roof.

As the building begins to explode, Shinra manages to escape and get everyone to safety.

Who’s hiding the truth?

Burns, Tamaki, Fire Force

Captain Burns comes over to thank Shinra for saving Tamaki, Shinra is suspicious of Burns now so humbly accepts his praise and thanks.

Obi approaches Shinra and congratulates him on a job well done. Shinra is still taken back about finding out that his brother is alive and is curious about the mysterious man that he fought. He asks Obi who can be trusted now that he knows bits and pieces of information.

Obi opens up that the Special Fire Force companies are not monolithic. They each answer to heads and the actions of each force mainly benefits whoever is backing them. As a result, Special Force 8 was created to monitor Forces 1 through 7. They are also tasked with finding out exactly what causes spontaneous human combustion.

Obi expresses that he does not trust the Fire Force and chose people that he knew were trustworthy for Fire Force 8.

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