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My Hero Academia: Suneater of the Big Three | 4 x 8 – recap

The heroes continue to invade the villain compound. As they move forward, sections of the group drop off to apprehend packs of villains that are trying to stop them from reaching Eri and Chisaki. 

My Hero Academia: GO !! | 4 x07 – recap

Sir Nighteye uses the information he received from his foresight to lead the cavalry. When the group comes to a dead-end, LeMillion figures out it’s a disguise allowing Deku and Red Riot to break down the wall.

Just as the heroes make it to the next sector, Mimic, one of Chisaki’s lieutenants, warps the walls and causes the heroes to be distracted. LeMillion continues fazing through the walls because of his quirk and separates from the other heroes including Nighteye, Erasure, Fat Gum, Red Riot, Suneater, Rock Lock and Deku.

The heroes left behind fall through a hole in the floor created by Mimic. They are approached by three members of Chisaki’s gang. Suneater decides to take on the three villains that approach them and insists that everyone else move forward. Erasure cancels there quirks and then runs ahead with Deku, Fat Gum, Rock Lock, Red Riot, and Sir Nighteye.

Suneater decides to knock out the villains but their quirks return and they break away to fight Suneater. During his fight with these villains, they express how Chisaki gave them a reason to live. At the same time, Tamaki/ Suneater is reflecting on his relationship with Mirio/ LeMillion. 

He draws inspiration from the moment they became friends and the moment Mirio dubbed him Suneater (Tamaki always called Mirio the sun). Reflecting on Mirio’s drive, Suneater is encouraged to keep fighting. 

After having some trouble, Suneater manages to consume hard crystals from one of the villains and uses that material to execute a finishing blow to knock out the villains. 

Though he was worn out, he still won the fight.

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