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Fire Force season 2 | Trailer

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Entertaining topics of 2019 (Happy New Year)

I wanted to share some of the more entertaining stories that I’ve personally followed this year. Take a look at the list below.

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Fire Force: Smiles and The Burning Past | 1 x 23,24 – recap

The fight between Sho and Shinra continues as Shinra uses his adolla link to show Sho his past. Shinra shows Sho memories from 12 years ago when they had a life with their mother. He also showed him what happened when the world thought he killed them.

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Fire Force:A Brother’s Determination | 1 x22 – recap

This episode continues with Shinra versus Sho on the bottom floor of the Nether. Shinra is trying to convince Sho to come with him. Adversely, Sho is trying to explain what the adolla link/burst is. It’s a power that should only be in “adolla,” also known as the underworld. Sho transports Shinra there where he sees the evangelist standing there, but he does not communicate with it. 

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Fire Force: Those Connected | 1 x21 – recap

In this episode, we continue with the standoff between Lisa and Giovanni versus Obi and Vulcan. Lisa discloses that her powers were created using the engineered bug allowing the same flames that scarred her to heal her. Despite being captured, Obi and Vulcan try to convince Lisa that she is only a tool for Giovanni.

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Fire Force: Wearing his Pride | 1 x 20 – recap

We pick up this episode with Hinawa being cornered by the White-Clad Knight, Arrow. And Shinra engaging with two members of the White-Clad who are holding Viktor Licht hostage. We don’t spend much time with Shinra after his initial attack.

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Fire Force: Into the Nether | 1 x19 – recap

The 8th company has been searching for the White-Clad and finds out that they are running their operation out of the Nether, a now-defunct railway under the city.

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Fire Force: The Secrets of Pyrokinesis | 1 x18 – recap

In this episode, Konro of the 3rd and Karim from the 1st visit the 8th Fire Force to compare notes about the White Clad with Obi and Hibana. Vulcan is officially the engineer of the 8th. He gave Hinawa a hat with horns on it and he gave Arthur his donkey stead back that exploded during the encounter with the White Clad. Vulcan also gave Obi and Maki new tools.

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Fire Force: Black and White and Gray | 1 x17 – recap

This episode continues with Giovanni slamming his cane on Vulcan’s invention. He eventually breaks the creation into little pieces revealing the key of Amaterasu.

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Fire Force: We Are Family | 1 x16 – recap

This episode continues with the story of Vulcan, the engineer that the 8th and every other Fire Force company is trying to recruit. At this point, he has asked Shinra, Arthur, and Iris to leave but on good terms. Vulcan tells Lisa and Yu that they are family and that their bond won’t break as he shares his vision of creating sustainable robotics to help evolve the world.

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Fire Force: The Blacksmith’s Dream | 1 x 15 – recap

In the last episode, the 8th and the 7th company became allies in the mission to find the corruption in the Fire Force. Yona and Arrow escape back to their lair where Shinra’s brother, Sho is waiting for them. They tell Sho about what happened in Asakusa and he decides that he needs to go with them to acquire Shinra because of his Adolla link.

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Fire Force: From Whom the Flames Burn | 1 x 14 (recap)

In the previous episode of Fire Force, chaos over took the town of Asakusa because infernals keep popping up and street fights are breaking out due to the imposter towns people. To start episode 14, Konro finds Benimaru and tells him that he needs to rally the people.

Benimaru thinks that Konro should rally the people because he is only able to burn things down. Konro gives him a speech about the people of Asakusa and how they need Benimaru to be their leader during this time.

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Fire Force: The Trap Is Set | (1 x 13) – recap

In the previous episode, Benimaru and Obi got into a fight because imposters impersonated Obi and Hinawa and framed them for turning villages in Asakusa into infernals. Konro, the captain of the 7th, convinced Benimaru to allow Obi and the rest of the 8th to explain.

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Fire Force: Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa (1 x 12) – recap

Fire Force returned from a three-week sabbatical and picked up with Company 8 in the Fire Force Company 7 territory in Asakusa. All of Company 8 begin helping Benimaru and the rest of his town clean up after the recent damaged caused by the infernal transformation and cleansing in episode 11. 

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Fire Force: The Mightiest Hikeshi (s01, e11) – recap

We have a flashback about Hinawa, Obi, and Maki before they were in the Fire Force. Hinawa’s flashback shows him freezing up when his roommate transformed into an inferno in the Armed Forces. Obi was a regular Fire Fighter, they weren’t taken seriously by members of the Fire Force.

“I refuse to sit back and do nothing while the world burns down around me.’ – Obi

Obi, Fire Force

After finding out that the Fire Force members had a point system to have fun while putting infernos to rest. One inferno waited patiently for the fire force to put in to rest. This is the first time Obi and Hinawa worked together. Obi vows after that moment to create his own sector of the Fire Force.

The Mightiest Hikeshi

Benimaru, captain of the 7th, Fire Force

Back in the present, the 8th want to investigate the Evangelist in the 7th. They do not want to cooperate, but Obi barges in and makes their presence known. The captain, Benimaru and Shinra have a battle of words because Benimaru isn’t interested in tracking down the Evangelist.

Shinra challenges him to a duel, but one of the townspeople turns into an inferno. While putting him to rest, Benimaru tears his village apart. An old lady explains to Shinra that the townspeople only want to be put to rest by Benimaru’s hands if they combust.

Shinra, Fire Force

I think Benimaru will become a trustworthy ally once Shinra breaks his shell.

Fire Force: The Promise (s01, E10) – Recap

Hibana has been spending a lot of time with Special Force 8 due to her infatuation with Shinra. Hinawa and Obi notice that the station has become a lot more lively and it is a welcomed change.

The captains of all of the Special Forces have been summoned to the Tokyo Emperor as a result of the Rekka incident in the last episode to discuss what is happening and how the government will resolve the secret organization lead by the Evangelist.

The Promise

Obi, Tamaki, Shinra, Hibana

During the meeting, the 7th captain says that they will carry on with business as usual. The Emperor says that he wants the groups to all work together to take down the Evangelist.

Hibana is approached by Dr. Giovanni, the captain of the 3rd, regarding her alliances. She brushes him off and continues into the meeting beside Obi.

The Emperor tells Shinra that his Adola Burst is similar to the power plant that dwells in Tokyo to power the city. Some of the captains from other companies, including the 3rd, want to lock Shinra up so he won’t be captured. Hibana tips Obi off about this. Obi vows to keep Shrina safe from attacks.

Arthur is back at the 8th headquarters. We didn’t receive a reason why he went missing. Perhaps he is undercover for the Evangelist.

Shinra takes a breather after the meeting. He is approached by the stranger, Joker, from the Fire Force Festival earlier in the season. Joker tells him that he needs to pursue the Evangelist to find his brother. His brother is a knight for the Evangelist.

Joker, fire force

Shinra vows to save his brother from the Evangelist. Fire Force 8 embarks on a mission to review paperwork for leads about the Evangelist in hopes to figure out where and who they are.

Hinawa tells Shinra that whatever is on his mind he should tell Obi if he can’t tell him. Shinra assures Hinawa that he trusts him and has enjoyed his time with Special Force 8. Obi and Hinawa determine that Shinra will do well.

Special Force 8, Fire Force

Shinra tells everyone in company 8 about Joker and his brother. He states the company feels like a family. Because of this realization, Hinawa determines that the plan to take down the Evangelist will be centered around saving Shinra’s brother.

We get a glimpse of Shinra’s brother, Sho, in the Evangelists’ shrine room during a ritual before the episode ends.

Sho, shinra's brother - Fire Force
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