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Darwin’s Game: Fireworks | 1 x04-recap

This episode begins with a flashback to when Rein joined Darwin’s Game. We find out that her ability is called intellect. It allows her to go over the probable outcome of a situation. Rein attempts to save her friend and realizes that her foresight isn’t always accurate.

Fireworks – Spoilers

In the present, Kaname and Rein figure out how to draw the Florist out of hiding while evading the plant zombies that he’s using. Kaname comes up with an idea to bring them into a room and have Rein attempt to blow up the trees blocking the stairs, while he climbs out the window down to the first floor. 

Rein says that there is an 80% chance that they’re going to get eliminated, and a 40% chance that they’ll survive and succeed with the plans.

Their plan works, and Kaname makes it to the first floor to confront the Florist. The Floris makes an armor set by using his vines. Kaname creates a light machine gun to combat him. 

The two seem matched, but Kaname exhausts his ability by using it to create high impact weapons. Just as he appears to be losing control, he pulls from his power within by having a conversation with himself (past or future).

(Maybe he’s a blacksmith of some sort). 

Kaname defeats the Florist, and Rein rejoins the action. We find out that he is sick and is playing for money to leave his daughter. The three ally because they realize that the stronger D-Game players in the game have gathered most of the rings. Now those same players will head to the hotel to gain the remaining 24 rings. 

Kaname, Rein, and the Florist have exhausted themselves fighting each other, and now they have to bunker down and prepare to be attacked by stronger players.


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