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Darwin’s Game: Ignition | 1 x03 – recap

Per the events of the last episode, civilians gather around the body pixelated imprint of the D-Game player who was pushed off of the top of the building at the start of the treasure hunt.


Shuka finds the crowd observing the body in her pursuit for Kaname. As soon as the civilians begin to ask questions surrounding the imprint and the blood in it, a wave of vibration echoes through the city, wiping their memory of any questions regarding the imprint.

There seems to be a group of spectators watching the action from an undisclosed location. Only one person is named. She is called Themis.

The treasure hunt is a battle royale mode with 300 players (now 299 since the first player was pushed off of a building). The goal is to find a bunch of bracelet rings (identified in the game as rare jewels). The each jewel is worth a set amount of points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the hunt wins. As a side note, if a player tries to escape or log out, they will be eliminated.

Kaname has spawned in a hotel. Once he reads up on the rules of engagement for the treasure hunt, he begins to plot a way to find Shuka. He uses his smartphone to identify the rings available in his area and finds a ruby worth 500 points and continues to move toward the hotel exit.

As he exits into the hallway, someone comes off of the elevator dressed in a SWAT uniform. Kaname tries to evade him, but he runs into a dead-end at the stairs due to a tree spawned there. After running to the elevator and realizing there is nowhere to hide, Kaname faces the opposing player giving him his ring and letting him take the elevator.

After handing over his only points in the hunt, Kaname runs into a middle school girl names Rein. She reveals that she is an information broker and knows quite a bit about him. They agree to team up after realizing the hotel is booby-trapped by someone off-site. During Kaname’s team up with Rein, they find that the player who took Kaname’s ring has been killed by a trap using plants and vines.

Shuka is in danger as other players are chasing her through the city. It looks like there’s a gang doing it, but Shuka can hold her own with five or so bracelets already in her possession. The group of spectators seems pleased with her consistent abilities as a solo player.

Back with Kaname and Rein, it turns out the players who fell to traps are being controlled like zombies by the plants. Rein identifies the culprit as the “Florist.” Kaname figures out that the florist is using the cameras in the hotel to track his and Rein’s movement, so he starts shooting up the cameras as the episode comes to an end.

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