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My Hero Academia: Bright Future | 4 x14 – recap

Following the finishing blow from Deku to Overhaul, Erasure uses his quirk to shut down Eri quirk that is rapidly healing Midoriya.

Sir Nighteye is still impaled by the large spiked rocks that Overhaul attacked him with and prepped for transport to a hospital. He reveals to Midoriya before getting into the ambulance that the future he saw with his foresight is not the future that occurred during the battle. As a result, Nighteye leaving the scene with hope and wants Midoriya to know that he changed their fate.

After the fall out of the battle, Overhaul is in police custody. Not far behind the convoy is Shigaraki, Dabi, Spinner and Mr. Compress from the League of Villains. Their goal is to apprehend Chisaki (Overhaul).

After fighting off some police officers, Shigaraki removes Chisaki from the police vehicle. Chisaki is laid out on a stretcher with his hands cuffed. Shigaraki takes the serum bullets to remove quirks from Chisaki’s jacket and states that for someone who doesn’t like quirks shouldn’t use their own.

Shigaraki removes Chisaki's arm with decay. My Hero Academia 4 x 14

Shigaraki uses his quirk, decay on one of Chisaki’s arm rendering his arm useless. Mr Compress uses his quirk to take his other arm in the little gumball. (Recall, Chisaki blew Mr. Compress’ arm off during their initial meeting.) Shigaraki then chops the decaying arm off and leaves Overhaul screaming in the middle of the highway while the League of Villians escapes.

Back with the heroes, Midoriya is cleared of any significant injuries. Mr. Izawa (Erasure) tells him that Eri has to stay in isolation for a while, but he also reveals that Nighteye is in critical condition.

The visit Nighteyes hospital room and see All Might, Recovery Girl, Bubble Girl, and Centipeder already there. All Might and Midoriya speak with Nighteye about the results of the future and everything that happened in the battle.

Nighteye using foresight on Mirio one last time. My Hero Academia 4 x14

Nighteye and All Might make their peace just before Mirio (LeMillion) arrives at his bedside to say his goodbyes. Nighteye calls Mirio his pride. He uses his foresight one last time to tell Mirio that everything is going to be fine and to keep humor and cheer as a priority before he passes away.

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