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Darwin’s Game: Gemstone Mine | 1 x02 – recap

Kaname and Shuka’s friendship begins to blossom as she helps him understand D-Game and the rule surrounding it.

Gemstone Mine – Spoilers

After agreeing to form a family with Shuka at her request, the two spend some time getting to know each other. Shuka explains that the points acquired in the game can be redeemed in real life. Now that Kaname has two victories under his belt, his points have increased significantly.

He decides to test the system by redeeming 10 points and later at the mac machine he realizes that his bank account funds have increased by 50 thousand.

He meets back up with Shuka for a day out and the two decide to take part in Treasure Hunt that the D-Game is holding in Shibuya.

Shuka and Kaname haven’t formed a clan yet because Kaname isn’t ranked high enough, but the plan is for him to rank up so that they can officially become allies under the rules of the game.

While out, Kaname gets coaxed away by another player who sneaks up on him and takes his phone after using information given to him by an anonymous player.

The player reveals himself as Inukai of the Danjou Boxing Club. He challenges Kaname because he’s curious about how a noob (newcomer) could beat two experienced players. He quickly finds out that Kaname is cunning and very resourceful.

Though Shuka ends up finding the two battling in a nearby alleyway, her back up may not have been necessary. Inukai ends up forfeiting and Kaname wins his third battle in a row.

As the Treasure Hunt begins the three of them are teleported away from each other. The goal is to collect a certain amount of rings to survive.

Away from our main characters, two players encounter each other on top of a building. One tries to set the other on fire but ends up being tossed off the building and landing on the ground below, eliminated from the game.


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