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My Hero Academia: Smoldering Flames | 4 x15 – recap

We revisit Shigaraki’s encounter with Chisaki as a reminder of the pending danger from the League of Villans. During the incident, they injured a hand full of agents, and Shigaraki mutilated Chisaki before taking the Anti quirk serum.

Now, Grand Torino and some police agents are tracking the League of Villians after reports that Kurogiri is in the mountains.

When they arrive in the area, Grand Torino apprehends Kurogiri but is interrupted by Gigantomachia (a giant villain). Though they acquired injuries, the heroes were able to capture Kurogiri.

The students of U.A are ordered to go back to class even though things are still a little muddy. Eri is still sick with a fever, and Mirio still has not recovered from the anti-quirk serum.

Mirio confirms that he lost his quirk while speaking with Midoriya, but he is optimistic that he will be fine no matter how long it takes.

After being debriefed by the police, Midoriya, Kirishima, Sue, and Uraraka return the dorms, their classmates greet them. Soon after Todoroki and Bakugo go to bed because they have to retake their provisional hero exam the next day.

Midoriya and the others have trouble sleeping due to the experience they recently had.

As a precaution, All Might and Present Mic are taking Todoroki and Bakugo to the provisional exam. Mr. Aizawa (Erasure) would be, but he is still at the hospital helping with Eri.

At the exam, Endeavor asks All Might to speak alone. Todoroki also runs into Inasa Yoarashi of Shikentsu High School. If you recall, Todoroki’s confrontation with Inasa is the reason he failed his first test.

We also see Camie Utsushimi preparing for her test. Toga took her place in the first exam. Seji Shishikura also approaches Bakugo. They had an encounter at the last exam as well.


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