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The Flash: There Will Be Blood | 6 x 04 (the CW)

This week in Central City, Ramsey Rosso finally ascended into madness while trying to cure his terminal illness, HLH. The episode began with Ramsey sneaking into Central City General (the city hospital) and stealing 10 liters of blood. He believes he can rebuild his cellular structure with the new blood and Romero’s blood and create a cure.

The CCPD arrived on the scene to investigate, but Barry blew off the ransacked blood bank as an incident unrelated to meta activity. His mind is on other things because he wants to prepare Cisco for the crisis and beyond. However, Cisco is fixed on saving Barry despite being told that the Flash has to sacrifice himself for everyone else to live.  

After seeing the blood bank, Barry is inspired to create a cure for Ramsey because he’s a “brilliant doctor”. He recruits Cisco to help.

While Barry and Cisco were discussing the probability of success, Nash Wells climbed in the window of Star Labs. He found out Barry is the Flash via a bug that he planted on Cisco. Wells asked them to build him a crypto circuit so he can continue his research. In exchange, Wells led them to an experimental serum that should cure Ramsey if he takes it early enough. They agree to help. 

“You can’t always save everyone, but can always save someone.” – Joe West

Iris tried to help Ralph with his missing person’s case for Susan Dearborn. However, Ralph is not interested after finding out Barry won’t make it out of the crisis. He and Iris have forced conversation and he ends up telling her to go spend time with her husband while he’s still alive. 

He’s not wrong you know.

Joe ends up talking to Ralph which eases the pain but it doesn’t take it away.

“You’re My Pick!” – Barry Allen

Barry, Cisco, and Wells arrived at the lab where the serum was kept and successfully acquire it. Cisco stole it for himself and let the others think the mission failed after he found out it could potentially protect Barry from the Anti-Matter.

Wells left Star Labs after Cisco gave him his crypto circuit. Barry joined Cisco in his lab only to find the serum was being stored there. The two have a heated yet tearful exchange of words. They want two different things. Cisco wants to try to save Barry and Barry wants to prepare Cisco to be the leader of Team Flash. However, Cisco after hearing Barry’s justification, Cisco still can’t understand why Barry has to die and the two friends part ways.

Barry ends up giving Ramsey the cure, but it fails because he is too far along in his condition. It’s probably because of all the dark matter he’s injected into himself. After failing again, Ramsey has a meltdown and decides that he needs adrenaline as a bonding agent to cure himself. He attacks Central City General and kills five people to heal himself. 

“You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.” – Killer Frost

The Flash stops Ramsey momentarily but Ramsey can control his victims like zombies. He uses the zombies to distract the Flash and Frost, kills the doctor that couldn’t save his mom and jumps out the window to escape effectively turning himself into Bloodwork. 

Barry and Team Flash mourn the people they failed to save. Ralph is even more deflated after the news, everyone is actually.

Ralph apologized to Iris. Cisco apologized to Barry. And Barry and Joe cried together because of the pending crisis. Joe thinks Barry deserves better than he’s getting, but Barry says he’s grateful for his family and being the Flash.

This scene brought more tears. It was so heartfelt.

Meanwhile, Nash Wells is in a tunnel under the city using the crypto circuit that Cisco built for him. With the device, he sees a type of recording of the Monitor that leads to a secret hideout. The episode ends with Well digging through the wall to see what is on the other side.

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