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Nancy Drew based on one episode (CW)

After watching the first episode of Nancy Drew on the CW, I wasn’t impressed. For me, the show started off very bland. Nancy’s afternoon quickies with the neighborhood mechanic did nothing for me, and her job at the local diner didn’t add anything to her character. Plus, During Nancy’s narration, she says that she isn’t curious anymore since her mom passed, but she is. As soon as something weird happens she jumps headfirst into detective work and brings her coworkers along with her.

Honestly, into the first commercial break, I was ready to call it. However, when a socialite dies in a parking lot Nancy returns to form and starts to try and solve the murder after finding a video on her phone of the incident.

Thirty minutes into the pilot episode, I was a little intrigued but not by much. Maybe the show’s run time is a little bit too long. Instead of an hour, half an hour would suffice. 

Another thing that threw me off involved Nancy’s previous investigations. She never said that she had a dark story previous to her mom’s passing. She did mention folklore regarding a dead homecoming queen, but she never explained that she is afraid because of it. And her mom passed of natural causes. But as we unwrap the first episode, she’s acting like Nick (her boyfriend) will care. 

We won’t and I’m pretty sure he won’t as well. 

Anyway, their relationship seems forced in a way. Relationships in shows that are supposed to be about some mysterious happenings should always be a slow burn. Don’t bring it to me upfront because it will make my eyes roll every single time.

Also, she says that these coworkers aren’t her friends but she tells them that she broke into the Tiffany’s (the dead socialite) house to steal a sea charm necklace. Mind you, they are all under investigation for killing her. If someone is going to try and blame the crime on her. They can now!

The first impressions of Nancy Drew after one episode are a little weak. I don’t want to be offensive, but the set up of some aspects didn’t land. That’s not to say that the season won’t pick up and get interesting. 

There was a little cliff hanger regarding Nick at the end of the show that kind of explained the shotgun emotional attachment and relationship between him and Nancy at the end. Plus, the ghost portion of the show is cemented now.

We’ll do a mid season check-in just to see if it picks up or if the plot holes continue.

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