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The Flash: Liberation | 6 x17- review

Cisco, Ralph, and Barry flip the switch to the artificial speed force, and it fails. The three of them look at each other with disappointment as the title sequence starts.

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The Flash: The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1 | 6 x07 (the CW)

In this episode of The Flash, we pick up with a very infected looking Ramsey fighting Ralph as they crash out of the window of Ralph’s office. The fight heats up with some verbal exchanges back and forth, and then Ralph realizes that Ramsey has implanted him with his blood. Bloodwork then retracts his blood and leaves Ralph laying on the ground seizing up.  

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The Flash: There Will Be Blood | 6 x 04 (the CW)

This week in Central City, Ramsey Rosso finally ascended into madness while trying to cure his terminal illness, HLH. The episode began with Ramsey sneaking into Central City General (the city hospital) and stealing 10 liters of blood. He believes he can rebuild his cellular structure with the new blood and Romero’s blood and create a cure.

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The Flash: Dead Man Running | 6 x 03 (the CW)

In the previous episode, Barry traveled to the future in his mind with the help of Jay Garrick and saw billions of scenarios where Anti-Matter destroyed the earth. The only time the world was not destroyed was in the instance that Barry sacrificed himself.  

To start this episode, Barry and Iris told Team Flash about the Monitor’s prediction and the time travel confirmation. However, instead of revealing that he has to die he just tells them that he disappears. 

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