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Dr. Stone: A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies | 1 x 17 (recap)

We continue with the flashback of Byakuya and the other astronauts in space during the petrification. Byakuya explains to Lillian that he thinks the petrification started from South America and give credit to Senku for him being able to figure that out.

A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies

Byakuya suits up to go back to earth even though there is a chance he will be instantly petrified. However, the space crew, Shamil specifically, won’t let him go because he has a son.

Shamil takes Lillian and Connie with him to go back to earth. The three miss their landing marks and land in the ocean upside down with little air available. With time running out, Byakuya arrives with on a boat to save them.

The show flashes back to Senku petrified on the ground counting the days, hours, and minutes. As we know, this is how he stayed conscious for 3700 years.

Byakuya and the rest of the space crew make camp after realizing everyone is stone. But the group finds solace in each other’s companionship. 3 years later Darya and Yakov (the only married couple from the space station) have children. Shamil and Connie end up bonding and get married.

During the wedding, Lillian sings to celebrate but is overcome with grief and missing the past. Byakuya tells her the Senku will bring back humanity as they knew it.

Byakuya also confirms that he is not Senku’s biological father, but that is his son. So we can deduce that Senku is not related to Ruri and Kohaku’s bloodline.

“It was only Pneumonia!” – Shamil

In the present, the Ishigami Village continues to celebrate Senku as the new chief. Ruri sneaks off with Senku at the village cemetery to tell him the rest of the story. She felt that he should only know.

Connie came down with pneumonia and passed away. Darya and Yakov left their children to go to the mainland in hopes of finding medicine but never returned. Shamil eventually got sick as well and passed. But not before telling Byakuya that he had fun with the group.

“They’re coming!” – Asagiri Gen

Lillian learns Japanese to ease Byaukya’s stress of telling the stories in English. Ruri tells Senku the 100th story. It was a message from his father telling him that he will be able to rebuild the world with science and with his friends.

Senku is thankful for his fathers’ worlds and say’s he would have been screwed without his gift. This gives him renewed strength. Senku makes it back to the village where Asagiri Gen tells him that Shishio and his Empire of Might are coming.

“This is exhilarating!” – Senku

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