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The Flash: The Exorcism of Nash Wells | 6 x15 – review

The episode begins with Mirror Iris acclimating a newly formed Mirror Kamilla. They meet with Eva, who has found a way to talk with them without Iris hearing. Their mission is to recover Eva’s invention, the Prismatic Refractor, so that everyone can escape the Mirror Realm.

The Exorcism of Nash Wells

Meanwhile, Team Flash is trying to figure out how to create an artificial speed force for Barry.

Team Flash is also trying to figure out how to get Nash Wells back after he was taken over by Reverse Flash. They assume out that Nash is back in control, but all of the Wells’ are in his brain. Reverse Flash is still in control and tricks the group into freeing him. Cisco tranquilizes him to capture him again.

Barry suggests using velocity x, a speed drug, to keep his speed up after using a bunch to catch an escaping Reverse Flash. So Cisco and Caitlin ask him to leave. They ask Cecille to help because she is an empath and can confirm when Nash is himself again.

Cisco and Cecille commence Nash Wells’ exorcism. Reverse Flash is feeding on Nash’s pain, causing him to have a hard time as he relives seeing his protégé, Mya, die. Reverse Flash almost takes over Nash fully by connecting to his speed force, but Cisco puts dampener cuffs on him and Cecille knocks him over the head.

Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla try to steal the refractor but Carver has a hit man trying to take it as well Mirror Iris pages Team Flash and Frost comes to comes to save the day. Flash comes despite being told not to and both of them get injured. Frost takes the worst of the injuries.
Mirror Iris is helping Team Flash now because it’s in her interest. Joe has the refractor.

Mirror Iris is not paying attention to Barry, Joe nudges her and she remembers that she’s actually a wife. When she’s actually paying attention, Mirror Iris is actually a good wife. She encourages Barry to focus on what he can do as Barry and not as the Flash and the proceeds to plot on retrieving the refractor.

Barry tried to use velocity x anyway, and his body rejected it.

Meanwhile, Joe (who I thought was being misled by his former Police Captain, but he wasn’t surprisingly) starts the transport of the refractor. Sunshine (the meta that attacked for the refractor before) attacks again, but Barry is there to help. He uses her inability to use her skills without sunlight to trap her.

Barry, high off his meta catching spree, decides to go into Nash’s mind (along with Cisco) to help expel Reverse Flash and help him overcome his grief of losing Mya. Reverse Flash uses grief to torment Barry, just as he did with Nash. Cisco also speaks about grieving for Gypsy and tells Nash to face his memory and come out on the other side. Barry also overcomes Reverse Flash’s hold him regarding his family.

Mya (Allegra’s doppelganger) fell off a cliff while tomb raiding because she wouldn’t let go of the treasure. Nash realizes it could have been prevented if he hadn’t taught her to only go for the prize. Reverse Flash loses his hold on Nash and is expelled from Nash’s body in a streak of red lightning. Reverse Flash is gone, but he will still see the other Wells’.

Barry apologizes to Caitlin, and Team Flash opts to use Nora’s journal to figure out how to build their artificial speed force. Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla recovered the refractor and gave it to Eva during the commotion with Sunshine.

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