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The Flash: Death of the Speed Force | 6 x 14 – review

Kid Flash returns to help Barry prevent a helicopter accident. He shares his progress with happiness and his zen since studying with Amala in the Peace Corps.

death of the speed force

Iris and Eva are watching through the mirror. Iris is happy that Wally is doing better. Eva starts to freak out after counting the days since seeing her husband causing Mirror Iris to do the same.

Frida Novikov

Cisco returns during the welcome home party for Wally. After the party, Wally tries to tell Barry that something is wrong in the speed force, but Barry shakes it off as a simple explanation.

Later in the episode, Maria (a saved victim from the helicopter crash) is targeted again by Frida, a meta-human with the ability to age the body, causing Maria to die rapidly at Jitters. Frida intended for the helicopter crash to take Maria out but failed due to Kid Flashes interference.

Cisco, having been on a villain information hunt, identified the meta as Frida Novikov and ignited CCPD’s pursuit for her.

Phantom’s of Nash Wells

Nash Wells catches up with Cisco and asks if he’s seen any doppelgangers (dead or alive) during his trip. Cisco says it’s impossible. Nash wants Cisco to help him track his phantoms, but Cisco is too focused on the Frida issue.

After speaking with Caitlin, Cisco goes to help Nash but realizes that Thawne has taken control of him. They fight, and Cecille saves Cisco by using a taser on Thawne.

What’s wrong in the Speed Force?

Mirror Iris tells Wally about the Speed Force/ Bloodwork issue from last year, and Wally confronts Barry to find out what happened. Wally drags Barry into the speed force while he’s explaining that he can’t be in the speed force based on what happened with Bloodwork.

Barry and Wally find the speed force (as his mother) dying because of his actions. They come out of the speed force, and Wally tells Barry that the speedster chain is broken now, and he won’t help him repair it, leaving Barry to deal with his anger, regret, and questions.

Using Gideon, Barry goes back into the speed force. She tells him a substance entered the speed force and upset the balance of their energy. Barry recognizes this substance as the Spectors energy that he consumed so that he could enter the speed force and find a way out of the (look out? name). The speed force dies in Barry’s arms.

Wally tells Joe about the speed force issues, and Joe insists that Wally and Barry work together and not blame each other. Wally finds Barry crying in the time chamber at Star Labs. He apologizes for being angry with Barry, and they decide to take responsibility instead of dealing with self-pity.

Mirror Iris and Kamille

Here’s something odd, when Mirror Iris was speaking with Wally, Kamille took a photo of them, and Mirror Iris told her to delete it because Black Hole members could see it and try to kill them. However, that is not the case because Iris had already been identified by Black Hole and Carver, and he agreed not to hunt her or her friends. Mirror Iris has another reason for not wanting her picture taken. Kamille erases the photo, but she’s suspicious as well.

Apprehending Frida

Joe gets held hostage by Frida, and Kid Flash and The Flash arrive to save him. Team Flash uses the speed they have left to eliminate Frida’s threat allowing Joe to take her into custody.

Thawne and the Artificial Speed Force

Meanwhile, Nash-Thawne is locked up in Star Labs and tells Barry and Cisco that he’s ready to kill Barry. Leading me to believe that because doppelgängers don’t exist on Earth-Prime, they’ve all gathered in Nash’s head, and now Thawne has taken over his body.

Thawne explains that he knows the speed force is dead, prompting Cisco to ask what he meant. Barry tells Cisco and Caitlin. Barry decides to build an artificial speed force.

“Yeah, I’m not Iris.” – Mirror Iris

Barry tells Mirror Iris what happened with the speed force. She says this is his chance at a normal life without the burden of the world on his shoulders.

I’m having a hard time believing that the actual Iris would say that to Barry after he expressed his grief.

Wally leaves and plans to walk to his next Peace Corps location to clear his head and prepare to help people without his speed. He also tells Joe to watch Iris because she’s different.

Kamille preps to leave the Citizen’s office when she realizes her photo of Wally and Iris did not delete. Mirror Iris’ image crystalizes on the picture. Just as Kamille sees this, Mirror Iris confirms she is not the real Iris and shoots Kamille causing her to crystalize and disappear.

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