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DarWin's Game: Sunset Ravens | 1 x11 – Recap (Season Finale)

Off the back of his friend Shinozuka’s death, it’s seems like Kaname has flipped a mental switch.

Kaname initiates a clan battle after realizing the Eighth Clan lead by Wang are savages with no boundaries. Kaname’s new attitude has caused him to flip the preverbal switch and become merciless, at lease in this situation.

As Wang realizes Kaname’s actions, he orders his goons to attack. Kaname strikes them all down swiftly. Who knew his aim was so precise.

Shuka draws the attention of Wang as Ryuji and Kaname dismantle the leftover goons. Wang underestimates Shuka’s abilities and ends up falling into a trap that leaves him amputated without either of his legs and one arm.

Wang tries to use his sigil to escape, but Kaname catches up with him. Wang has severely injured himself, allowing Kaname to exact his revenge. The group wins the clan battle and joins together to vow to defeat the game master.

The game master seems to have his own plans, though, as he is watching Kaname’s every move now.

The Sunset Ravens proclaimed ownership over Wang’s previous territory in Shibuya and spread the message that DGAME activities are prohibited in their area.

This episode saw a drastic change in Kaname and cemented his fellow clan members loyal to him. I believe this is the last episode of the season, so next season will most likely see Kaname charge toward the game master even though season 2 hasn’t been announced yet.

What are your thoughts on the series so far?

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