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Darwin’s Game: Old Wang | 1 x10 – recap

Rein meets with Kotori, a contact that found the Eighth Clans hideout for her. Rein notes that she needs to know how many members are at their shelter, and Kotori agrees to give the information she wants. Kotori doesn’t want her usual payment, and she wants to join the Sunset Raven’s.

Rein agrees to ask Kaname, but doesn’t promise an answer right away because they are at war with the Eighth Clan and have a lot going on.

Old Wang

Kaname is upset because he received the video from the Eighth regarding his friend being held hostage and his mutilation. Ryuji tries to calm Kaname down and get him to think the situation over. With the clubs power plus to an alliance with Danjo’s Boxing Club, the sunset Raven’t start to plan a way to recover Shinozuka. Just then, Rein returns with the intel they need to approach the Eighth Clan’s hideout.

Wang and his goons standby waiting for Kaname to make a move, but are approached by the cops. Inukai is on the scene with the Sunset Raven’s as back up. Kaname wants to rescue his friend, Shinozuka, but does not want to murder anyone.

While the cops draw the attention of Wang, Kaname plans to come in and save Shinozuka. Wang makes quick work of the police while Shuka drops a phone for Shinozuka from the roof so that he can understand the plan.

Shinozuka accidentally joins Darwin’s Game while trying to redial Kaname when they lost signal. His sigil allows him to make shields.

On the outside, the Sunset Raven’s approach. Inuzka charges at Wang lieutenant while the others disperse and attempt to enter.

Unfortunately, when Kaname and Ryuji arrive, they find out Wang has chopped Shinozuka into pieces.

This is not a happy ending.

After the episode’s ending credits, Wang orders his group to fire on Kaname and Ryuji. However, Kaname quickly fires his weapon with no remorse stating, “You were getting on my nerves.” His face forever changed, his emotions now moot, and his mercy gone.

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