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My Hero Academia: Deku vs. Gentle Criminal | 4 x 21 – recap

Mirio is bringing Erie to the school as everyone is preparing for the festival to start, and Deku still holding up the beam in the scaffolding while still trying to pursue Gentle Criminal and my brother so that they don’t reach the school and cause a festival to get closed.

Midoriya starts to effectively use his new skills with his gauntlets to help him apprehend Gentle Criminal and La Brava before they arrive on the school grounds.

As La Brava realizes that she and Gentle Criminal are outmatched, she starts to reminisce about how Gentle Criminal’s YouTube videos lifted her out of her depression after a boy at school didn’t like her and thought she was weird.

It turns out that her quirk is love, and it allows her to power up the person that she loves for a short time, so she powers up Gentle Criminal, and he snatches himself and La Brava away from Deku and makes an escape.

However, Deku gets knocked over his head by Gentle Criminal, but he’s starting to own his quirk and begins a battle of Dragon Ball Z proportions where you can’t see their movements in the sky.

Gentle Criminal’s backstory includes him not being able to pass provisional exams to get into hero school. He tried to be a good Samaritan, but he ended up causing a citizen to get injured while trying to save him. He was charged with a crime and his parents kicked him out of the house. He then decided to turn to a life of crime to bring himself out of his funk depression.

Gentle Criminal and Midoriya continue to fight, and Midoriya switches from his new technique back to shoot style and knocked Gentle Criminal out. La Brava begs Deku not to turn Gentle Criminal in. Her cries encourage Gentle Criminal to use the last bit of power to throw off of Deku. He then hugs La Brava as the U.A. High security closes in on them.

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