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My hero Academia: Deku vs. Gentle Criminal | 4 x 21 – recap

Class 1-A go through last-minute rehearsals for the festival that begins the next day.

Midoriya mentions that he’s going to get some supplies on the morning of the festival. It happens to be in the same area that Gentle Criminal will be during his plot to infiltrate U.A. High near the tea shop.

Midoriya meets with All Might around 7 am to train. Hatsume delivers the gauntlet gloves to him along with a manual. Afterward, Midoriya heads to the convenience store near the tea shop and runs into two strangers.

Midoriya realizes the stranger he’s speaking with is Gentle Criminal. Once Midoriya calls him out, Gentle Criminal tells La Brava to begin filming.

“Don’t make a move on my school!” – Midoriya

Midoriya’s goal is to stop Gentle Criminal from interrupting the festival events because Midnight told him that regardless of its a real threat or a false alarm, the festival will be canceled if alarms sound.

Gentle Criminal’s quirk is elasticity and uses it to stop Midoriya in his tracks during his pursuit. La Brava recognizes Midoriya from his frequent publicity.

Using Hatsume’s gauntlets, Midoriya executes a long-ranged attack to knock Gentle Criminal into a construction area with scaffolding.

During their confrontation, Gentle Criminal confirms that he is not associated with the league of villains, but has a plan of his own. He uses his quirk to bend the scaffolding making it impossible for Midoriya to hit him.

He manipulates a beam, and it almost falls on a civilian. Midoriya catches it with all of his strength, allowing Gentle Criminal to try to escape. He tells Midoriya about his plan and using La Brava to hack the alarms.

While still holding up the beam, Midoriya attempts one more attack on Gentle Criminal, which causes La Brava to ask Gentle Criminal if she can use her quirk.

Meanwhile, class 1-A is wondering where Midoriya is.

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