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The Invisible Man (2020) is full of bated breath moments with jump scare payoffs | Review

The Invisible Man (2020) is one of the better thrillers that I’ve seen in recent history. It follows that fine line of creepy and menacing while giving you a slow-paced mind freak for most of the movie.

The source material for this film is the book The Invisible Man by H.G Wells, which sees a man suffering from the consequences of his experimentation. However, The Invisible Man (2020) follows Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss) through her transition out of an abusive relationship. Just when she’s starting to feel a semblance of normalcy, she begins to feel haunted by her abusive ex.

With friends that can’t believe her, a sister that’s skeptical (for reasons you’ll find out), and the brother of her abuser assisting in the torture, she’s left to her own devices to get through the situation.

Before I knew that this film was based off a book, or even influenced by a movie from 1933, I instantly thought of Hollow Man (2000).

After watching the trailer, I thought someone decided to take Hollow Man (2000), remove the point of view from the scientist’s perspective and skip straight to the end where he’s stalking and trying to murder his coworkers, spoiler alert.

But this exceeded my expectations. This film gives you an exceptional ride. It’s full of bated breath moments with jump scare payoffs for your terrifying delight. There is an entire twist toward the end of the movie that sees Cecilia take back her sanity, sort of. A classic “hunter becomes the hunted” scenario.

As a viewer, you transition from confusion because you are trying to figure out if Adrian (the antagonist) is a ghost or if he used some biological method to go invisible. I won’t spoil it, but the actual twist is enough to have you looking over your shoulder for a few weeks. Luckily, there is redemption.

This movie left a great impression, and even though I didn’t see the original invisible man, this intense evolution of Hollow Man pulled me in.

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