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List | What anime should you watch? – Part 2

Watching anime is one of my favorite things to do. I watch a lot of it. I watch all types of categories. I watch the action, suspense, drama, romance, gambling, comedy, and adventure. I’m sure I’ve missed some categories, but that’s because there are so many options. Even if you are not a person who seeks out anime, there is still most likely something for you.

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My hero Academia: Deku vs. Gentle Criminal | 4 x 21 – recap

Class 1-A go through last-minute rehearsals for the festival that begins the next day.

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My Hero Academia: Boy Meets… | 4 x 3 (recap)

We pick up where the last episode ended. Midoriya and Togata stand in the doorway of Sir Nighteye’s office. Moments before they opened the door, Togata told Midoriya that he had to make Nighteye laugh if he wanted to be accepted into the work-study.

Midoriya decided to impersonate All Might from a specific era in time. Nighteye didn’t recognize at first and mistook it as ridicule. However, Midoriya was referring to an instance when All Might’s face was slightly off due to jumping in a river of vinegar to save a boy whose quirk transformed liquid.

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Let’s catch up on My Hero Academia (season 1 recap)

I am excited about the upcoming season 4 of My Hero Academia starting on October 12th of this year! I’ve been waiting for the next part of young Midorya’s adventure with his fellow U.A. High School classmates and his favorite hero, All Might.

In preparation for the upcoming season, I am recapping season one, two, and three. They’ll be separate posts and will come up a few weeks apart from each other leading up to October 12th!

Of course, you can go back and watch the seasons for yourself if this series piques your interest. But for now, here is your My Hero Academia recap for season 1.

My Hero Academia – Season 1

Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, My hero academia

A young boy named Midoriya grows up in a world where having powers is normal. These powers are known as quirks. Unfortunately, Midoriya does not develop a quirk like others his age for unknown reasons. As devastating as this is, he does not give up hope and continues his plans to get accepted to U.A High (the most prestigious school to train and become a hero).

This angers an already hot-headed, Bakugo, a childhood friend of his (if you can call him that at this stage). Midoriya’s relationship with his Bakugo was always a strange one. Midorya looked up to him and was ecstatic when he developed his explosion quirk.

One thing that Midoriya had that Bakugo didn’t was the ability to examine his opponent and determine ways to overcome them. A pretty awesome trait, if you ask me.

Deku and Bakugo

Bakugo was always a bit of a jerk to Midoriya, but his treatment gets worse when he finds out that Midoriya is invited to U.A Highs tryout despite being quirkless. As a result, their heated rivalry develops.

On a happier note, Midorya runs into his favorite superhero, All Might one day in the city. the two have a conversation and Midorya looks for his support in pursuing his dream to be a superhero without a quirk.

At the time of this conversation, All Might was struggling with a long term injury that causes him to transform into a gaunt state as a result of using too much power.

All Might was in a fight before speaking with Midoriya and his power was running low. This caused him to power down in front of Midoriya and reveal his secret.

All Might, My Hero Academia

During their conversation, All Might told Midoriya that he would not be able to be the type of hero he aspired to be without a quirk. He was later proven wrong when Bakugo was captured by the villain All Might fought earlier that day.

In his gaunt state, All Might looked on has heroes failed to rescue Bakugo due to the condition of the area. However, Midoriya sprang into action! He ran into the flames and goop that surrounded his friend in an effort to save him. He knew it was hopeless, but he had to do something.

This is inspired All Might to power up and help save the day!

From there, All Might catches up with Midoriya and gives him a strand of his hair to eat to pass the ‘One For All’ quirk to him. He also offers to train him for his U.A High tryout and help him master his powers for the physical exam.

Midoriya gets accepted after showing his bravery and concern for others on the battlefield during the physical exam despite being in danger of failing. Sure he almost permanently injured himself, but he showed he had heart! He struggles to gain control of his powers for the entirety of season 1 and gains control eventually in the seasons to come.

There’s a point in the season that Midoriya and Bakugo go head to head during a group training exercise at U.A High. While Bakugo focused on destroying Midoriya, Midoriya is strategizing on how to complete the exercise. Midoriya’s team wins and though Bakugo gets pissed off, even more, he realizes that he’ll need to work hard to be the best.

Among other exciting happenings at U.A. High, All Might joined the teaching staff and that attracted villains. The villain’s leader is named Tomura. He brings his multi-quirk monster, Nomu, to attack U.A High students to draw out All Might for a fight.

Tomaru and Nomu, My Hero Academia

All might comes to the rescue even though he is weak and at risk of exposing his gaunt form. At this point, Deku and a few higher up members at the school know about this form and what caused it. All Might manages to defeat Nomu.


All Might, My Hero Academia

However, All Might is declining rapidly to the point where his skin is starting to sizzle. All Might want to keep the Symbol of Peace intact and holds on just long enough for Deku and a handful of other class members arrive. They distract the villains and give enough time to the other teachers/heroes (Eraser Head, Present Mic, Cementoss, midnight, Vlad King and a few others) to arrive and push back the villains.

Sure they save the day, but the breach of U.A high sparks the beginning of panic surrounding the school, the heroes and their ability to keep the city and its citizens safe.

Why should you watch 7 Seeds? (Netflix)

The most recent anime that I decided to binge on is 7 Seeds. It’s a Japanese manga adapted into a Netflix original and released on June 28, 2019. Honestly, this anime took me on a slow, stomach-dropping roller coaster with cringe-worthy moments throughout the entire first part of the series.

There are a lot of characters to keep track of, but after a while, outside of the main two characters, you’ll kind of lump groups in together and you won’t wonder about them until the story brings them to the forefront of the story.

For instance, You’ll think that Arashi and Hana are the only characters that really matter. And that is true to an extent because honestly, the other characters revolve around them in some form or another. However, there are far more interesting characters that they come in contact with.

This review goes over my feelings regarding the first 12 episodes, but I will not make any major spoils because I actually think you should give it a try. The story is explained, but no major plot lines are discussed in detail.

“When you awake, some of you may be in Heaven and some of you may be in hell. But whatever the case, I sincerely hope you strive to stay alive.”

Serminmaru Asai, Botan Saotome, Monzo, Natsu Iwashimizu, Arashi Aota

The Story:

The 7 Seeds Project was created after solid data showed a meteorite would hit the earth, systematically break it down, and cause human life to go extinct. To combat extinction, five groups of seven people were frozen until after the cataclysm and woke up after the earth was deemed habitable again.

“Like a seed surviving winter to bloom in the springtime, you’re the seeds of humanity.”

– Botan

The subjects were taken in their sleep, frozen, and woke up separated into their groups Winter, Summer A and B, Autumn, and Spring. A few participants knew what happened, they were dubbed the guides of their group before the cataclysm began. The guides were supposed to help their groups get acclimated. It worked for some but for others, things broke down.

At its core, this story is about watching different types of people make their way to rebuilding civilization while trying to cope with feelings of loss, betrayal, abandonment, guilt, and fear.

The antagonists in this show are flushed out pretty quickly after you are introduced to them. For example, there are blatant problem causers like Yanagi and members of team Autumn. But things get a bit more convoluted when we are introduced to Summer A. Summer A includes a group of people who were trained for this specific future. The entire purpose of their group was to help the other groups find their way. However, they are so messed up from the preparation that led them to the future, that they end of seeming like more of an enemy than a help.

Team Spring

Why should you watch 7 Seeds?

It has interesting stories behind the conspiracy of the 7 Seed Project. One of the conspiracies is a heartbreaking story about the only fallout shelter created and used to save some of the civilization before the cataclysm began. There were great lengths taken to keep human life going underground, but unfortunately sickness and disaster strike to ruin the plan.

Another story surrounds team Summer A and the cataclysm preparation school. Summer A students were groomed to survive in the future, but the final preparation test leaves them broken and horrified before they get frozen.

We also find out who planned both of these endeavors and it makes life very uncomfortable for certain members of the group.

You’ll find 7 Seeds intriguing as you watch all of the different types of people deal with their issues and transform as a result. Some characters you don’t expect to look out for their own self-interest, some continually offer self-sacrifice, and you can see some characters crazy coming from the time you meet them.

Plus it ends with an interesting cliff hanger, which makes me want to see part two.

One Punch Man S02, E11 | The Varieties of Pride (review)

This episode of One Punch Man surrounds Garou the whole time. The last time we saw so much of him, he debuted his ultimate technique Fist of Flowing Water Crushing Rocks and was took down an entire gang. Unfortunately, Saitama is still playing video games, so he had no weight in this episode. But it was still an exciting entry!

Spoilers ahead


We pick back up with Garou surrounded by Class A Rank heroes. He’s tired and seemly overwhelmed. But, Garou still puffs up his chest long enough to call all of the Class A Rank heroes trash and tell Death Gatling that they should call some Class S Heroes because they suck and won’t be him.

Death Gatling states that all the Class A Heroes have faced death and are “tough as hell”. Gatling feels they can beat the infamous Hero Hunter because he hand-picked everyone involved.

The group has a good run at Garou, but even while he’s poisoned and flashing back to his childhood, Garou still manages to dismantle half of the group. He uses his Fist of Flowing Water to take everyone out.

Glasses tries his hardest to make a difference in this fight, but Garou ends up being too much to handle. Glasses ends up having a mini flashback to a time when Saitama saved him and some co-workers from danger.

Apparently, Saitama gave him some encouraging words that prompted him to become a hero. However, the most heroic thing he could do before passing out was hit the distress button on his pager.

Death Gatling challenges Garou as well. Garou tries to explain there is a child nearby and his Death Shower could kill him, but Gatling has a one track mind and lets off his ultimate.

The entire area is shot to pieces except for the door that Garou protected while deflecting the Death Shower.

As a result, Gatling gets punched out easily after that.

Unfortunately, the little boy Garou protected ran away after he saw the carnage that Garou left while fighting for the monsters.

There’s just no sympathy for people with sympathy for monsters.

Genos shows up just in time to spar with Garou. Genos arrived answering the distress signal from Glasses. They have a great encounter. At one point, Garou takes on some of Watchdog Man’s technique and rips off Genos’ arm.

Garou also evolves. his hair turns red and it looks like he popped a blood vessel in his eye while trying to power up.

But, Genos has undergone some upgrades since last time he fought and traps Garou against a tree. Eventually, Genos has Garou pinned down and plans to blast him away.

Garou - Hero Hunter

Master Bang shows up and kicks Garou out of the way before the blast. Genos respects the wishes of Master Bang and Boom and lets them begin to hand the situation.

Saitama is still losing at video games to King and he’s losing miserably. They finally hear the distress call about the Hero Hunter and Saitama decides to go because he has a faint worry about Genos.

I guess he’ll show up during Master Band and Booms fight with Garou next week.

Review: One Punch Man S02, E10 | Justice Siege

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