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Entertaining topics of 2019 (Happy New Year)

I wanted to share some of the more entertaining stories that I’ve personally followed this year. Take a look at the list below.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia was a very hyped subscription-based service that was supposed to allow you to play your game of choice where ever, whenever via wifi. Unfortunately, its launch was underwhelming and caused day one customers to be disappointed.

Weeks later, customers are still dissatisfied and even YouTubers that touted its brilliance are starting to express reasons why it is not their main platform for games, specifically for Destiny 2.

Though the platform is still new, a lot of bad word of mouth has stained the product and certain features are not available at this time, it’ll be interesting to see if Google can turn this project around and regain the trust of consumers.

FallOut 76

Another story that provided hours of entertainment in 2019 was Bethesda’s most recent installment to the FallOut franchise, Fallout 76. Users who purchased the game complained about an unfinished product with less to offer than previous games.

At E3 this year, Bethesda announced a free trial and a new game mode that many were unimpressed by. Mostly because it seemed to be an attempt to capitalize on the battle royale popularity.

Also, Bethesda promised to keep microtransactions at a cosmetic level but began to charge for quality of life items in the game. On top of that, Fallout 1st was announced. Fallout 1st is a subscription to play the game in its current unpolished state while offering players game currency as a reward. Not to mention, the game broke for a few days after a game altering hack allowed players to create their own items with over powered stats.

This topic was more of a train wreck than anything else, but it was certainly entertaining.

Avengers: Endgame

Marvel’s Avengers were the most beloved fictional group of the 10 years. When the media announced that Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans would be leaving the Avengers franchise, I, along with every Avengers fan, started reminiscing on the last decade to prepare for the end of an era. Most people are saying that Marvel can do no wrong at this point. However, I’m not sure the next saga will capture me so easily.

Watching Avengers: Endgame in theaters was a great experience. The film was a grand end to a saga. It carried sadness and excitement throughout and provided a strong emotional end. I didn’t think I could feel such sentiment for a fictional character, but I cried at the end of this movie. Not to mention the movie surpassed Avatar as the highest grossing movie. Even though its time is over, it’ll be remembered for years to come.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is another franchise that ended this year. Many people were not happy with the way it ended. There was so much hype over how certain characters would progress and what the climax of this season would complete. Unfortunately, the fan base was unhappy with the direction of the show. Especially the treatment of the Night King and Danerys. However, we have to admit that the 8 season adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s work did give us binge-worthy entertainment.

Dr.Stone vs. Fire Fore

For months, I kept hearing about the upcoming anime Dr. Stone and Fire Force. A lot of the forums that I pay attention to insisted that these would be the best anime’s of the fall. Fans were split on which would be more entertaining. As a result, I decided to follow both anime’s for their 1st season.

Both have strengths and weaknesses. To be honest, they have such a stark difference that I can not necessarily say if one is better than the other.

Thank you for visiting this blog in the year 2019. I hope you will continue to find entertainment here for 2020.

Happy New Year!

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