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Opinion: The Only Way I’ll use Google Stadia is…

At this point, it has been well documented that Google Stadia has launched in a less than impressive fashion. It currently has a catalog that has a few exciting options, but not many. Prices are not competitive compared to other console and PC sale prices. Plus, it’s subscription-based in addition to the full price game options.

As innovative as Google Stadia seemed when it was announced early in 2019, all of the headlines have discouraged me from leaving my main game playing platform to give Stadia a try. I’ve yet to see one reason to stop playing my PS4.

So I’ve decided to compile a list to offer up some idea of what could make me use Google Stadia.

Digital Library:

I need a way to claim what I am paying for. It’s one thing to have a subscription-based platform, but I’d like to be able to have a copy of the game in the cloud. Maybe you should make Google Stadia store where my purchased games stay and give me the illusion that I have actual ownership. I’m mean Google has cloud save for files and photos, why not video games.

Cross-Play w/ cross-save

I’d like cross-play. That’s just the gimmick that Google Stadia needs. Allow me to play across whatever system I want. If you can’t make a deal with the consoles, try Steam or the Epic store because that is very appealing. If your service is meant to be on the go, it’d be amazing to be able to play cross-platform with any MMO that I please, especially if my friends haven’t ported over yet.

I thought I read that there is a cross-save ability, specifically with Destiny 2, which is great. I hope that is the case with all the games in the event of a shutdown of the service. Not that I want the service to shut down, I’m just saying.

Discounted Games

This may seem like a no brainier. Of course, discounted games are appealing. However, looking at the pricing structure of the subscription service, it’d make that pill a whole lot easier to swallow if I wasn’t paying 60 dollars for a game. Especially, if I’m paying for the top tier service. I need to see the perk for using the service. Not just with “select games”, I want discounts on all the games released on the platform.

I just can’t justify paying $129, plus $9.99 a month and not receiving the options above. And I’m sure I could come up with other things as well. But, right now the suggestions I just gave would make the service more appealing.

Not only would they set the service apart from competitors, but they would also make people see the value. Because right now, Stadia seems a little “half-cocked” and any investment that a consumer makes in it would be thrown out the window if the service shuts down.

I’m sure the folks working on Stadia have thought of these ideas and hopefully, this can become a viable option to play video games on. The bones of the service are good, but for now, this is the only way I’ll use Stadia.

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